ACL/BAM/WCG Weekend Of Pain

ACL/BAM/WCG Weekend Of Pain

With the Australian Cyber League‘s first Halo: Reach LAN in Brisbane, Battle Arena Melbourne at the same time, and the World Cyber Games finals kicking off, a lot is being decided this weekend in the world of eSports. Our CS1.6 and FIFA 10 representatives are off to a good start overseas. Click through for details of your local events, and the first lot of WCG results.

If you’re in Melbourne and have a hankering for some fighting game action, Battle Arena Melbourne will be aiming to settle a few rivalries, including a friendly Sydney/Melbourne feud heating up in our comments section. There’ll be tournaments in Super Street Fighter IV, Tekken 6, Blazblue Continuum Shift, Virtua Fighter 5, Soul Calibur 4, Street Fighter III: Third Strike, and Super Smash Bros Brawl & Melee, across different skill levels. Full details and schedule on the Couch Warriors website. A stream will be available here.

[imgclear] Brisbane plays host to the Australian Cyber League’s national finals in Halo 3 and Modern Warfare 2 this weekend. The 360 LAN will also have the ACL’s first official Halo: Reach competition, as well as Super Street Fighter IV and FIFA 10.

And lastly, the World Cyber Games has kicked off and our lads have gotten off to a perfect start. Team Immunity, Australia’s Counter-Strike 1.6 representatives, have brushed aside Swedish team Lions and await their match against French team Face2Face. They’ll come up against American powerhouse Evil Geniuses soon afterwards, but as the top two teams in each group progress, things are looking good.

Our FIFA 10 player, 22-year old Dimitri “Mrx1” Bescos, is in a similar situation. Having already defeated Pakistani and Armenian opposition, he’ll soon face one of the best players in the world in German pro Joshua “Krone” Begehr. Grabbing a second place in his group will still secure progression.

Expect results for all competitions after all this plays out on the weekend.


  • I for one am rather enjoying hearing a little news about the local eSports world… Jung, is there any chance you’ll stay on after your time as acting mod is up to keep us posted on things like this?

  • You’ve got the score wrong Jung. Immunity got smashed 13-2 first half and it was all downhill from there (game ended 21-9).

    The French then ripped them 16-2 on de_tuscan (but it’s tuscan, which Australia has never really warmed to). End score was 18-12.

    Australia can mathematically qualify, but the stars and planets would all have to align in some miraculous design from the heavens for that to happen.

    They’ve put in a good shift, but yeah 🙁 Immunity are out.

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