Killzone 3 Multiplayer: Initial Impressions

Killzone 3 Multiplayer: Initial Impressions

Killzone 3 is currently in the midst of a public beta, and we’ve managed to get in on the action. We’ve put a fair few hours into it and thought we’d update you with some of our impressions…

The Controls… Work! Some had issues with Killzone 2’s controls, which had a weird sluggish delay – the kind of delay that a development team, having supped the kool-aid day in day out for the entirety of development, might have adjusted to and thus not really noticed.

Killzone 3 is far more responsive. It feels precise, and there’s no delay whatsoever, which will result in a more positive experience for most gamers. For some bizarre reason, however, we found ourselves getting nostalgic for the unique point of difference that Killzone 2’s controls allowed for. There was a certain realism and tactile feel to the more sluggish head movement of Killzone 2, and that’s lost. Ah well, design over aesthetics we suppose – it’s a good thing.

The Maps… Look Incredible The maps in Killzone 3 are dripping in detail, no corner is left uncluttered, with some form of decoration constantly informing you that you are in a warzone. Buildings are in a state of constant disrepair, litter and carnage is strewn across the battlefield, and everything just looks seriously worn in. It’s ludicrously atmospheric.

There’s an argument to be made, however, that there’s almost too much detail, for a multiplayer title at least. At time it almost feels distracting, and we can’t help but feel like the function of the maps themselves has taken a back seat to the visuals. Continually rewarding map design is dependent on recognisable features, and the ability for intricate map knowledge to develop over time. Sight lines, cool points of entry and exit, they’re all present and correct to an extent, but definitely take a back seat to what looks good.

As expected early on in a game’s lifespan, we seemed to find myself getting frequently lost in Killzone 3’s maps. That’s down to inexperience and lack of map knowledge for sure, but we found ourselves running into a good number of dead ends and maze-like corridors, where we felt like we weren’t necessarily being funnelled into play like we should be.

But that could possibly be a result of completely rubbish spatial awareness.

Game Typecast We’ve always been a fan of the way Killzone managed rolling objectives in the multiplayer space. It’s a unique mechanic that keeps players on their toes. You never quite know what to expect next, and this keeps multiplayer compelling. Killzone’s Warzone mode returns for the third outing and the familiarity is comforting. Fleeting from one objective to the next maintains the pace of the action and makes it pretty bloody difficult to turn the game off. We played for a good couple of hours before we dissolved into a rocking pile of flesh and saliva in the corner of our living room.

And yes. That means we had fun.


  • It still surprises me that the Warzone mode hasn’t been more widely copied by other games. It was definitely a highligh of KZ2.

      • It’s basically a combination of all the other game modes – team deathmatch, domination, assassination, etc. The game throws up a mode at random (e.g. team deathmatch), you play it for 5 minutes or so and whoever wins gets a point. Then it throws up another game mode (e.g. assassination) and you play that for 5 minutes and the winner gets a point, and so on for 20 or 30 minutes.

        I.e. rather than just picking one game mode and playing it, it’s constantly changing, forcing you to keep adjusting your play style as your objectives change – it keeps you on your toes because you don’t know what it’s going to give you next.

        It was a lot of fun

        • Also prevents camping and spawn killing the other team because the frontlines of the warezone was always changing with the objectives.

        • So true, sure you can still have your Team Deathmatch only games that last a quick 10mins or so, though the Warzone option really got you involved in the game more because it was a longer drawn out affair.

          It was a game mode which could turn easily and far less chance of one side dominating.

          My thoughts on the Beta, the controls have changed abit, but I still think that sense of weight is still with the game. It’s certainly not a twitch shooter that COD/MOH is.

          The version available is supposedly an Alpha build and it does look incredible, can’t imagine how good it will look when all the small polish options are finally added into the game.

          I do have a problem with the game though, at the moment alot of the weapons are too powerful and accurate. Alot of the guns don’t seem to have enough recoil for the size of them. I’ve seen a few other people online talk about this and I’m sure this will be tweaked also.

        • Yeah, it was fantastic. I always avoided the rooms where they were just playing one mode – way too dull.

          Didn’t stick it out to 100,000 XP or whatever the top level was…a 90,000 point jump between second level and first was just a tad too daunting 😀

        • Sounds similar to the COD multiplayer mode “Ground War” where it randomises either Team Deathmatch or Domination.

          • If I understand correctly, the Warzone game mode changes modes in game, not in the lobby lol.

          • Not exactly. Ground war was still one game type per game, then go back to the lobby in between. Warzone changed game types on the fly I.e. mid game, rather than return to the lobby then starting a new game.

            I also liked the 50% xp bonus for being on the winning team. Gave people an incentive to actually play for the objective rather than just chase kills.

  • i actually liked the controls in Killzone 2, they brought an authentic weighted feel to it, which changed with each weapon. shame to see it go in KZ3, but nonetheless im excited to play the new maps and arge warzone games. tactics were esential in this game if you wanted to win

  • I found the beta terrible, boring, and not much fun when compared to Kz 2. I wish these gaming websites would stop drinking the koolaid. There’s so many things wrong with the game. GG took out the great things from kz 2 and dumbed down kz 3.

    Here’s what I found were game breaking issues…

    TSP’s and spawning…
    Matching making…
    In game squad invite and squad feature setup as awhole..
    Faction switching and or balancing..
    Clan features.
    Custom games are gone..
    Aim assist
    The run feature, or lack of it.
    Lack of recoil.

    I could go on but you get my point. If you loved Kz 2 you will hate kz 3. As the game sits now it’s average.

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