Limited Edition Red Wii GET!

In the grand tradition of Nintendo adding new colours to their consoles to stimulate sales, comes the new Limited Edition red Wii! This has already been announced in other territories, but we thought we let you guys know regardless.

Onsale from November 11, the red Wii will come pre-installed with the 25th anniversary edition of Super Mario Bros., complete with a handful of interesting changes (the question mark blocks for example will have '25' inside them as opposed to '?'). The red Wii comes packaged with a red Wii Remote Plus, a red Nunchuck, and a copy of New Super Mario Bros. Wii and, of course, Wii Sports.

In addition the three people in Australia who don't already own a Nintendo DS may be interested to note that, for a limited time only, starting November 4, any colour DSi purchased will come with a free copy of Mario Kart DS.

We tried contacting Nintendo to see if this would affect the chances of Australians receiving the 25th Anniversary Edition Super Mario Bros. disc now available in Japan, but we're still waiting to hear back.

Do any of you guys out there still not own a Wii or DS? Does this news inspire you to go out and purchase (or re-purchase) either console? Let us know below!


    I just think the red will show up more of the dust that the wii gathers in most of our households...

    all my current gen consoles are black, i couldnt justify re-buying a red wii even if its special edition. i just want to upgrade my remote to a wii remote plus tomorrow is all.

    I am one of those three people that own neither a DS or a Wii. I can't justify purchasing a Wii, there aren't that many games that interest me. And I see little point in buying a DS now when a 3DS is on its way.

      I'm the second of those three people without a Wii and DS. I'm thinking of getting a Wii this coming holiday period. Primarily interested in Okami and the two Mario Galaxy games. Anything else recommended?

        SSB:Brawl is a goody if you liked the original or Melee (Brawl is not the best in the series but still a good bash)

    I'm more interested in the 25th Anniversary Edition Super Mario Bros Disc, which you would think they'd be releasing also.

    There are ads on Buses, so hopefully they pull their finger out and get it done.

    I don't have a DS, nor have I ever had a Gameboy/DS variant, but will probably jump on board with a 3DS...

    I'm in the market for a new DS. I've got a original fat DS

    Do I need a third Wii... hmm

    I'd say it's a good time to get a DSi, I mean with Shantae out and all on DSiWare... oh wait.

    DO WANT!

    My wii was stolen a few months ago and i have yet to get a replacement.

    "I’m more interested in the 25th Anniversary Edition Super Mario Bros Disc, which you would think they’d be releasing also."

    Exactly. I'd much rather have the disc that a second Wii console in a different colour.

    I might get this but it seems a little late to be getting a Wii, Nintendo will probably announce a virtual reality helmet soon or somthing.

    I'll be buying a red Wii to match my Mario red DS :)

    who cares if we get the 25th anniversary disc or not, UK is getting it, import it, probably be cheaper then buying it here.

    we're getting it the same week as the Uk,
    theyre just a bit slow to say that out loud here.

    i can't find a red wii can someone help me

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