One Last Chance To Own Super Mario All-Stars For Wii

One Last Chance To Own Super Mario All-Stars For Wii

Nintendo is cutting off your supply of the Wii version of Super Mario All-Stars, the limited edition collection of four NES era Super Mario Bros games with a 16-bit makeover. But it’s also giving you one last chance to buy it.

Nintendo of America said today it’s producing its “final run” of the Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition package (released stateside in December), with the last shipment expected to hit stores on March 13. If you haven’t been able to secure a copy, which includes a soundtrack CD and handsome 32-page Super Mario History booklet, this may be your only opportunity.

On the other hand, you could show your support for better 25th anniversary collections from Nintendo by not buying it. Your call, Wii owner!


  • Two weeks after it came out Big W, JB & GAME all told me they didn’t have any and they weren’t getting any more.

    Couldn’t be arsed to chase it up after that. 😐

  • I’m still sad that Metroid Trilogy Wii was discontinued as a limited edition run. I can still find a copy for $100 at target, but it’s not available from the stores I normally buy games from (online uk ones).

    • The Metroid Trilogy was a great collection, especially since I generally saw it more around the $60-$70 mark than the original $100 (it got as low as $50 in some of the larger retailers like Kmart)

      The only thing I think that could have really been improved with that one would be removing the unlock tokens requiring the online friend code rubbish (I don’t expect I’ll ever see some of those unlockable Corruption bonuses)
      And in a perfect world it would have been nice to see an expansion of the multiplayer component from MP2 (methinks the original MP weapon systems with MP2 ammo limits would have been a fantastic option since switching all the arm-cannons to the 3D models).. but then again we’ve already seen that article about the one that got canned 🙁

  • I don’t remember ever seeing these in stores around Melbourne. Looked in places like JB, Game and EB. Ended up buying a couple of them off ebay in the UK. One to play, one to keep unopened.

  • I played this at xmas and I hated it. I went for a leisurely speed run through SMB and the controls don’t feel the same. I couldn’t perform the same jumps as I could with SMB classic. Definitely a must avoid title for me.

  • “you could show your support for better 25th anniversary collections from Nintendo by not buying it”


    Despite many mis-steps along the way, you have to give credit to Sega for the Sonic Mega Collection Plus. When the Mario 25th Anniversary was announced I had hoped for something similar – maybe a complete Mario Bros to Mario 64 collection (Kart-inclusive), or at least a classic platformer collection including the Super Mario World and Yoshi’s Island games.
    Heck, I’d have been particularly impressed if they did a second All-Stars-style revision where SMB to SMW were ported to the New SMB Wii engine like what the original SMAS did! (albeit with tighter controls than NSMBW)

    Here’s hoping for some better collections in the future – it would be such a shame if any proposed Zelda or Metroid collections would forgo some of the wonderful portable games like Four Swords or Fusion respectively.

    (not to mention that a ‘collection’ of the first three Legend of Zelda games would be especially redundant considering the various bonus inclusions with various releases of Wind Waker)

  • Dick Smith have it for $29.94, but this could change following the news. It is instore only, and cheaper than any online price I could find.

    • In-store only being the hit. I looked in Perth and none of the stores it listed had any stock, so it’s a complete crock of shit.

      I have to agree with the first poster, AmbroseIV up above. It came out, I looked in JB, EB, BigW, Target, and they were all sold out and not interested in preselling any more.

      I had to buy my copy from eBay. It just arrived yesterday. I suggest everyone else get theirs while they can. You can buy them on the Nintendo virtual console, but those are the originals whereas the 25th anniversary edition has the SNES versions with better graphics.

  • This is actually really great news! The amount of people I know who missed out on this is huge, and I’m glad to see Nintendo doing another print of this.

    Reguardless if you like Mario games or not, you can’t deny his ‘star power’…

    (See what I did there…)

  • The day it first came out i looked at all the usual stores, and the only places to have them were EB (about 4 copies) and Game (2 copies), since then its still difficult to find anywhere, but nonetheless i’ll scout out and buy one and leave it as is and not play it 😛

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