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For all the sports fans, NBA 2K11 drops this week. For everyone else, it's about Enslaved - although Ninja Theory, makers of Heavenly Sword, haven't received the same level of publicity for their Monkey-inspired companion action game as they probably deserve, what with the controversial new DmC announcement at Tokyo Game Show stealing the headlines.

Here's what's coming out locally:

Comic Jumper What is it? Side-scrolling beat-em-up with focus on humour. Should you care? Do you have a 360 and the internet? Then yes. It's from the team that brought you The Maw and Splosion Man. Reason enough to at least check it out.

Aura: Fate of the Ages What is it? First-person exploratory puzzler on Steam. Should you care? Did you like Myst? This features the same fantasy environments.

All Round Hunter (Bundle) What is it? Hunting game bundle for the Wii. Should you care? It's cheaper than paying $10 a go on Buck Hunter at the pub.

Wordjong What is it? Word puzzle game for the DS, in which you make words out limited letter tiles. Should you care? Do you like Scrabble?

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Predator What is it? Squad-based shooter for the PSP. Should you care? Ubisoft may own the Tom Clancy name in the gaming world, but it still treats it with respect.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light What is it? An all new story in an all new Final Fantasy world, on the DS. Should you care? It's from the team behind Final Fantasy III and IV. Changing your hat changes your class, and over wireless you can take part in four-player co-op dungeons.

Front Mission: Evolved What is it? Third-person mecha combat game. Should you care? So far, it's looking very standard issue. Shoot with one hand, slice with the other, jetpack boost, etc.

Enslaved What is it? Modern take - with considerable license - on the classical Chinese novel Journey to the West (remember Monkey?). Practically, it's a 3rd-person action game with a companion to protect. Should you care? There are some Prince of Persia climbing moments, and it has its fair share of combat. But with Andy Serkis involved, the strength here will be characters and storytelling. Right from the start there's an interesting premise, as you're forced to protect someone keeping you captive with a headpiece straight out of SAW.

NBA 2K11 What is it? 2K games' dominant NBA franchise. Should you care? It looks like there might not be any real competition for a while. We all expected this one to be better anyway.

What will you be picking up? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.


    Is castlevania released this week??

      Delayed until the 14th.

    NBA 2K11 - Currently Streetbroken for the record!

    Definitely getting Enslaved.

    Hmm... Where is Comic Jumper?

    Don't forget Left 4 Dead 2 DLC comes out this week - Free for PCgamers!! (Does this topic cover DLC?)

    I was excited for Front Mission, but now I've seen some reviews and game play I am a bit put off. Looks like I am waiting for the new Mechwarrior for my current gen mech craving.

    I don't get the appeal of Enslaved. I only just found out about it recently but it has me pretty "meh'd" anybody care to prove me wrong?

    I would rather wait for GR: Predator on home consoles. Plus I am too busy unlocking cars on GT PSP in anticipation for GT5.

      What have you heard of this new Mechwarrior?


      What of Donuts?

      Tell me!!

        Not much has been heard since this trailer.. but it sure makes me moist!

          Yeah... I know the trailer, but that was about a year ago.
          I check MekTek every few weeks... but I need me some knowledge.

    If I was into basketball, I'd be all over NBA 2K11. The preview stuff has been really good to read about, and it seems fascinating, but since I've never played a bball game in my life I'd probably be too useless to hit the areas I'm interested in (that Jordan challenge stuff is a drawcard)

    I was wondering when the L4D2 new campaigns are coming out for AUS? It does say Oct 5. probably US time, when is that for us? I am keen as, the comic series they released was really good and got me amped for more campaigns. Hope it is ready bu tonight, but not holding my breath.

    You missed WRC FIA World Rally Championship which is out on thursday for both PS3 and 360

    I really liked the demo of enslaved made it a definite buy in my books.

    Does The Sacrifice count???

    Hey Junglist, could you put the platforms the games being released on next to their titles next week, please?
    Just find it easier to scan the list without reading about all the crap games I won't be able to play.

    Yes the demo for Enslaved was outstanding, I'm suprised the game has been so under the radar

    NBA 2K11 for me! I love ball and have played every iteration of NBA 2k and this years version looks set to finally knock espn NBA 2k4 off the top of my fav ball game list

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