It's On Like Donkey Kong! (tm)

It wasn't so long ago that you got the chance to check out Epic Mickey at The Nintendo Experience in Melbourne, but now you guys will be able to check out Donkey Kong Country Returns early at the very same location - only this time Sydney-siders can get in on the action.

Nintendo is letting the general public go hands on with what promises to be a return to form for Donkey Kong. On November 27, from 11.30-2.30 gamers can check the game out at The Nintendo Connection in Myer Sydney City. Gamers in Melbourne will have to wait an extra day, but if they head down to The Nintendo Experience at EB Games on Swanston Street between 11.30 and 2.30, on the Sunday, they too can go hands on with the 'Donkey Kong Experience'.

The first 200 people to arrive at both events will receive a special Donkey Kong poster - there will also be t-shirt giveaways throughout the event.

"Here t-shirt t-shirt!"


    I can't decide if I'm excited about this game or not... not being a Sydney-sider I think I might wait for the reviews.

    PS: Love the TM in the title.

    The TM depresses me. Really Nintendo did you have to do that?

    I'm really looking forward to this game. I've been waiting for another DKC game, and all of the previews so far are looking very positive.

    Pity I can't make this event, but I waited this long, I can wait another week or so before getting my hands on it.

      DK: Jungle Climber on the DS was really good if you haven't tried it. Only problem is it doesn't work on the DSi.

    That the weekend i'm having my wisdom teeth out... :(

    I'll be too doped up to go :'(

      You should totally go and just drool over all the wii motes.

        I honest to god would.. Nothing would be more entertaining than going in with a numb face and drooling on small children.. But the procedure is on saturday, meaning i won't be numb anymore...

        I mean.. i could spit blood on people, i'm quite sure... but somehow i think i could be arrested or sued for that kind of thing..

    Sydney and Melbourne get more fun stuff.

    Not coming from either I shrug, bemoan the fact that they swallow 90% of the country's entertainment events and walk away.

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