Man Builds A Star Trek-esque Computer, We Want One

I'm hardly a Trekkie, but even I want one of these. A computer, with the software to match, that resembles the interface from Star Trek.

I also want to talk with in bizarre rhythms and record kitsch cover albums, then get fat and star in my very own World of Warcraft commercial. But that's another story - for another time.


    my home setup is somewhat similar to this.. .minus the star trek interface, but that could easily be put together with linux or other desktop changer apps like windows blinds. I used to have a trekky desktop ages ago, but it ended up giving me the shits :0

    That is awesome beyond words... I love it and I want it...
    Mark I too have that strange desire to maybe also star in a show about lawyers in Boston earn a motza just saying "Denny Crane... Denny Crane... I'm Denny Crane"

    If I'm not mistaken I believe that is off of Rainmeter, it is a skin you can download.

      You are indeed mistaken. It's custom software and is written by the author of a well-known modern Doom level editor (well, it's a well-known editor if you still follow that old game).

    There is only one thing i notice he could have done differently...
    He was showing his list movies list. Theres nothing inately wrong with that and personally i like to have digital copies of all my dvd's aswell. But after showing that list i would have gone to my dvd cupboard to show that i had physical copies.

    Other than that, top notch stuff. My hat is tipped to him. One more thing i wasnt able to notice if his screen can do multi-touch? Without it typing could take a while. Also having an image library associated with his groceries list would be useful.

    Call me when the holodeck is workin'. ;)

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