Old People Read This Now!

If you, like me, are old (and by old we mean over 27) you may have partaken in some old school LCD gaming handheld action. You may also be prone to a little nostalgia for that experience. If that's the case, then you may just love Flee, an shameless attempt to capitalise on said nostalgia.

You can get Flee on the Android marketplace right now, or check out the free 'lite' version.

Check out the developer commentary below!


    Oh awesome! As it was opening I had a flashback to pressing on the screens of these games to reveal the areas that have the graphics. Then bingo... it's a feature of the game. Well played.

    HEY! Don't be such an Agist! I'm 19 and we had them! I got heaps from Happy Meals and Kids Meals at Macca's and Red Rooster respectively!

    OT: I loved that game. I should probably dig up one of my handhelds to play it again :D

    Oh God!

    I'm old... when did this happen?
    What happened to my youth... where did it go?

    eek, runs to bathroom to look for greys!

    loved the screen effect though, nicely done!

    It gave me memories of an old game I had (I wonder if its in any boxes at my mums) It was a large black handheld racing game, it used red cars (with real lights behind them) but everything was mechanical in it. to move you car, it had a wheel on it, which must have had a radio tuner style belt drive in it. God, I hope I looked after it, I'm sure it would be uber collectible now.... Also, I loved pulling things apart as a kid, I hope I didn't. :/

    Get off my lawn!!

    Damn kids... *grumble mumble*


    Also, i'm seconding TadMods call on ageism!

    I'm 25 and i have played sooo many LCD handhelds it's silly - and i love them! Especially the racing ones.

    The way this game acts exactly like a real handheld lcd is brilliant as well!

    Soon i shall have a android, then i shall rule the world..

    Give me Oil Panic anyday on the Game&Watch...

    Yeah I'm old enough to remember these, but I'm glad they stopped making them. Really, they were shit.

    Im 29 so i'm old now... and to think, i woke up happy this morning....???? Oh well.

      Of course you're old - you've got an MBA now.

      I mean, if you go a step further in education you might become a professor!

      and personally, i've never heard of a Prof. Youngin

      You think you're old? I'm 34! Make you feel any better?

      I was always jealous of those with the old LCD games, I had to content myself those water-filled push-button games.


        I'm 31 today, I just found out I'm old now :-(

        Man, I am a tad younger at 30.. but I remember wanting those water button games! :( Sad.

      I feel better now. Knowing that I am one of the young old ones is slightly better....

    Hey man, I'm 20 and not only did I have all those games that you got at McDonalds and Red Rooster and such, I also had a large collection of Game & Watch games and also this one Star Wars Gameboy thing where it came with three or four cartridges which had screens on them and you put them in to play.

    Sadly most of them have now gone missing or no longer work.
    I guess we have G&W Collection nowadays but the feeling isn't quite the same.

    That's too advanced. I actually had a LED game. Baseball II. A row of red LEDs would simulate the ball thrown by the pitcher (you could select fastball, screwball or curve) and if your opponent could hit the BAT button at the right time, the LEDS all over the field would light until one was left lit (either on a field player and you were out, or on a single, double, triple or home run)

    Maybe I should get going and make a simulator of that.

      It's probably a late enough comment that you'll never see this, but someone beat you to it...


      I played Autorace and the Battlestar Galactica version of Space Alert back in the day.

    Snoopy Tennis was my favourite...

    And... so, I'm old.

    Heh, I remember I had a Batman one, a Jurassic Park one, and one where you played as some buff bald guy wearing Aladdin pants and you just had to shoot hadoukens at anything that got in your way. And the first stage boss was basically a cacodemon from Doom. I never beat him though. =(

    Back in my day, 8 colours and a doorbell for a speaker were all we needed. Kids these days with their fancy schmancy graphics and stereophonic sound thingamajigs!

      You young people and your 8 colours. 2 colours were the way to go, especially for your LCD games, and one of those colours was just the background.

        Pfft. what would you know. In my day we were happy with green or green. and we had to type in our games from scratch every time we wanted to play them ;)

    Loved these so much as a kid (and who am I kidding, I still do). I had a pretty decent collection, including a Sonic one with a 10-second looping soundtrack so irritating it's still burned into my brain, but the best of the bunch was a multi-cartridge system that projected the games onto a wall!

    If anyone has a functioning copy of Climax- a plumbing LCD with a blue case where you jumped between 3 danger positions and 1 safety, fixing the intermittently leaking pipes- and are willing to part with, please let me know.

    Love that! :) (And I'm only 22... :)

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