Remember This?

Can you guess this classic game from just a single screenshot? Let me know in the comments below, and if someone manages to get it super quickly, feel free to reminisce on this awesome title.


    Stunt Car Racer on the Amiga. An awesome game - I loved the flames that shoot out of your exhaust in "turbo" mode!

      yup. indeedy :)

    I'm not sure, but by looking at those pipes i'd say it would most certainly be something to do with the Blue Man Group...

    Stunt Car Racer!!!

    Finally a Remember This? I know. Loved this game on the C64.

      Yeah it was surprisingly good on the 8-bits too. This game could use a remake, but only if they can keep the game mechanics simple.

    Is this Hard Drivin' for the Atari Lynx?

    should probably elaborate a bit, Geoff Crammonds first racing game, he went on to making Formula One Grand Prix 1/2 on the PC/Amiga. THE racing simulator of the early 90s.

    Nice reference to yesterdays conclusion of the F1 season.

      I hate to nitpick (ok, ok you got me - I love to nitpick :P), but it wasn't actually his first one. He did one called Revs before he did Stunt Car Racer. Not sure if he did anything before Revs.

        You had to go there, bring up REVS. I had forgotten about that (didn't remember that was Geoff Crammond). Played Elite and Revs on the old BBC Micro.. yes i'm THAT old.

    Ahh stunt car racer, one of the earliest games with cross platform multiplayer (assuming you had a null modem cable). Never got to try it sadly but it was a technically interesting option

      Stunt Car Racer yup its probably the Amiga version was awesome playing head to head by null modem cable. You could hear the other persons creaks as their car and yours got more damage. This was as good as it got for game play. Loved the drawbridge track and the skipping stones one - I played hours and hours with a mate on our A2000's.

      The other racing game I loved on the Amiga was Skidmarks, although Geoff Crammonds F1 was pretty good as well, very immersive for the time.

      I'd kill for an update with the same playability - sigh. PC gaming is fun, and so is consoles but I do miss the old Amiga games. Cinemaware anyone?
      Rick Dangerous or Zool?

      my share house did have the null modem cable and played the S*** out of this game. i recall the collision detection was absolutely woeful, but we loved it.

    Whoever has been playing has copped a few dings already. =P

    Stunt car racer on Amiga. Rockin.

    Awww, I loved this one, but I was busy looking at go karts!

    Stunt Car Racer on the Amiga! Classic! :)

    Where's the modern remake?!? I thought I read a couple years ago that somebody was making one, but never heard anything about it after that.

    A PSN/XBL version of this with head-to-head online play would be awesome. I want to launch my car off The Ski Jump again :) The Drawbridge was cool, too.

    I always thought they used the exhaust noise form Stunt Car Racer for the sound effects for the scary chasing daemon in The Evil Dead.

    Aside from the death-defying jumps, one thing I loved about Stunt Car was the engine sounds. That glorious whine when you were mid-air and blasting on the accelerator. Amiright?

    Played this on the Amiga 500 (what a system!) and it was the first game to affect me physically, as my stomach would always have the roller coaster drop effect, when trying to land a big jump. Happy days.

    Mario 64.

    Ditto Amiga tragic, I remember this as one of the first games that made me hurl a controller, course back then it was a joystick and I was too young to know the term joystick was supposed to be funny.

    By Geoff Crammond who also did the brilliant Grand Prix!

    Im always much too late to these but surely this one falls into the too easy category..

      Agreed. But what a game! :)

    This was an awesome game. Frustrating though in the later levels. Never finished it.

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