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All anyone over at Kotaku can talk about at the moment is Cricket, so I thought I'd make today's 'Remember This' relevant, even though I bloody hate the sport. Can anyone name this game? And if you can feel free to reminisce over said game in the comments section. Or just talk about The Ashes instead.


    Hmmm, not sure. But it REALLY sucks living in Brisbane at the moment when you want to drive somewhere. Anywhere.

    Hello Kitty Adventure Island?

    Is it on the NES

    whatever it is, it's no Super International Cricket (snes)

      Damm straight. There is no other cricket game greater then Super International Cricket.

        Ahh the best cricket game ever made - and no annoying Shane Warne commentary or stupid Quick Time Events to contend with.

    Looks like International Test Cricket on the Amiga.

      The colour pallet looks a bit more C64 than Amiga.

        Aw man, you guys are getting close!

        (And I don't really support anyone, I don't even really understand the rules of cricket...)

          I think the colours are all wrong in that screenie.. is it 1Meg Cricket on Amiga?

            Yeah it's 1 meg, the colours are screwy in the thumbnail.

          "Cricket? You have to know what a crumpet is to understand cricket".

          I think I can understand you not knowing the rules.
          Last guy I saw in Glasgow carrying a cricket bat... well, he wasn't going to play cricket.

    Cricket - the Activity for those too dull to do sports.

    I actually started a massive argument at work by proclaiming that Cricket is actually more Leisure Activity than sport...
    Of course the Cricket fans couldn't actually prove that it fell into the category of sport either..

      We're getting a divorce.

      Cricket is awesome. As someone who used to hate it, after playing for a season I now have a massive respect.

      I'm one of four people in my department of thirty who likes it. Thankfully the girl who sits right next to me is a fan!

      You have obviously never played cricket before. This is a common misconception for people who have never played. When you have batted for hours in 30 degree heat plus in the middle of summer constantly running between wickets, you will understand. It's hardly a leisure activity...

      The 260million+ viewers around the world tuning into the Ashes might disagree with you as well

      Pad up Chuloopa and I shall send down some leisure activity for you to face.


    Not one of the Goochie endorsed games, is it?

    And who're you supporting Mark?

      Doesn't look like Allan Border/Graham Gooch cricket.

    I do remember a Cricket game on the C64, but I don't think it looked like that...

    On the subject of the Ashes, Australia had this game to win but an extremely poor day yesterday in the field it will end as a draw.

      Allan Border's Cricket (C64)


      I'm sure Mark will probably now ask... Who is Allan Border! :p

    I think the image broke?

    Here's the one available in the preview thumbnail:

      Yeah just had this pointed out to me in the office as well. No idea how that happened...


          Haha I thought it was just really old graphics. It's like it got a sudden console upgrade! Woo! Still no idea though.

    Ian Botham's Test Match C64

    It should be called "Rickets Cricket"!!! Look at those crooked legs, some serious vitamin deficiencies going on here.

    Did we have an answer for this one?

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