Kotaku Australia Unaffected By US Hacks

It's been in the news that Gawker in the US was hacked recently. We'd like to reassure local readers that the Australian edition sites are run on entirely separate infrastructure. AU versions of Gizmodo, Lifehacker, and Kotaku are unaffected. UPDATE: To clarify, if you have ever signed up to a US version (.com) Gawker site, you should assess whether you have been compromised. This US Lifehacker FAQ has all the details.


    Also, we don't have passwords or user accounts.

      which as this proves is SMRT! ;)

      "Also, we don’t have passwords or user accounts. Yet!"

      Fixed! ;) Mark and the monkeys will make it happen soon enough!

        God i wish they dont implement the "audition" process to become a commenter on Gawker sites, It took me ages to be a commenter on the American kotaku.

    Bah, I log in with my facebook. @Seamus - you know this is because were are infinitely cooler than our Yank cousins across the seas, right?

    That reminds me. On articles from the US, should there really be the button to switch from AU comments to US comments? It doesn't even work because of how different the US comment system is. I suggest removing it.

    Damn! Im registered at io9.

    I never registered and I got an email warning me...

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