Kotaku Gift Guide: The Professional

Alright. We all know the type. They're active on the cybergamer forums, they're constantly running LANs. They ask if you fancy a quick game of CS1.6/Halo: Reach/Call of Duty" Black Ops/Team Fortress 2 and proceed to rip the skin off your trigger finger in a ridiculously quick fashion. This is the gift guide for that guy.

SUGGESTION #1 Gunnar Optics Pro Gaming Glasses: RRP $79US These bad boys, as regularly worn by the 'bad boy' of Pro Gaming, Neighbour, are pretty cool. You can check them out at the Gunnars webpage . It's taking things a little too far, but they actually look pretty slick, and helps eye-strain when playing for long periods of time.

SUGGESTION #2 Turtle Beach Headsets: RRP $Varies Pro players, and pro player wannabes, go absolutely crazy for Turtle Beach Headsets. The best place to get them is at the JB Hifi website, but they vary in price going from $38.98 all the way up to $247 for the most prestigious model. These are top notch products, and are taylored specifically for an online gaming experience.

SUGGESTION #3 Razer Marauder: RRP $119.99US This Starcraft gaming keyboard is designed specifically for Starcraft II, with keys designed for optimal performance. It also changes colours throughout games for a "completely immersive gaming experience". Yes, it may be a little bit over the top, but gamers who take themselves too seriously will love it.


    The Gunnar Glasses are interesting but do they actually work? (no really has someone had actual experience with them)

      I read a review of them somewhere. In summary they improved contrast at the expense of colour range, otherwise they didn't do much.

      Also Mark, "taylored"? I laughed =)

    I would like a new Razer board, my G15's paint is coming off some keys. Have they gotten a successor to the Lycosa yet? I generally stay away from game-specific stuff.

    I think this is the ultimate gift:

    Looks hella wicked when I saw it at JB Hifi.


    "Fractal lens geometry"?
    Oh please, why embolden a snake oil merchant by featuring them on a reputable site like this - even if it is for the lolz

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