Aussie Nintendo Store: One Lonely Alien

Aussie Nintendo Store: One Lonely Alien

Aussie Nintendo Store: One Lonely AlienReady for a close encounter of the solitary kind? There’s only a single new downloadable game from Nintendo this week, with Mastertronic’s Alien Puzzle Adventure for the DSi.


Alien Puzzle Adventure (Mastertronic, 500pts)

This week’s lone offering on the DSiWare store is a Jewel-based puzzler that requires the player to spin a character around a cluster of gems and match up different-coloured aliens. The game comes from the same team that brought us ‘Super Yum Yum: Puzzle Adventures’ so you can expect similar light-hearted but entertaining fair.

The game has a loosely-organised overworld linking up the various missions, and the art style is typical DSiWare fare but it has a nice 2D hand-painted look to it with a bright colour palette and smooth clean lines.

By comparison, our European cousins picked up an extra four games this week, with a new ‘Family Games’ title for WiiWare and the Neo Geo classic ‘Magical Drop III’ for the VC. They also got an additional two games for DSiWare in ‘Oscar in Toyland 2’ and ‘Surfacer+Dexterity+Strategy’ filling out the puzzle category. None of those may sound like must-haves, but it’s nice to at least feel loved sometimes.

Yup… exciting.

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