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  • Aussie Nintendo Store: Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Good

    Missed me? Well, never fear I’m back and ready to deliver some good news on the Nintendo download fronts. You see this week is a big week, first up after long last Aussie developers Nnooo have unleashed their long awaited DSiWare title Spirit Hunters Inc. It’s a really great augmented reality RPG, yeah an role…

  • Aussie Nintendo Store: Online Enabled

    It’s a week of trying something new with something old. There’s actually a Virtual Console game that has been online enabled, the first of its kind outside of Japan at least and it’s a popular franchise you might actually enjoy. Let’s take a look.

  • Aussie Nintendo Store — Burgers And Balls

    There’s a tiny bit of an arcade theme to the downloads this week. The Virtual Console game on the 3DS was originally based on an arcade classic. The Wii Virtual Console game is an arcade game and the WiiWare version is a remake of an arcade game. The CRUSH3D demo spoils my analogy, though. Damnit!