Aussie Nintendo Store: Absolutely Fabulous

Knowing full well the readership of Kotaku, absolutely no one here is going to buy this weeks offerings. Well the offerings that aren't DLC for Theatrhythm anyway, but here goes.

I have to do it you see because Serrels said he would stare at me and now that he's done some Superman training or something that could be deadly. Apparently he wrote a blog about it? Who knows.

3DS Download Software

Sparkle Snapshots 3D (Nintendo, $7.50) - Arcades. Remember those things? Well once upon a time they used to be filled with games like Daytona, Pacman, Time Crisis and cool things like that. Now they're filled with ticket and sticker machines. The latter is what this one is, one of those machines that you and friends cram into to get a low resolution photo of you printed doing obscene gestures and hoping none of your friends enjoy getting their nut sack out.

Anyway Sparkle Snapshots 3D is one of those things, but on the Nintendo 3DS. You can take as many low resolution photos of you as you like and slap as many silly sparkly stickers on it as you like. Go on, go nuts. (not literally).

3DS Downloadable Content

Sparkle Snapshots 3D – $1.50ea: - Mario Core Set - Mario Kart Set

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy — $1.50ea: The Archylte Steppe (FF13 — FMS) Matoya’s Cave (FF01 — FMS) Battle 1 (FF03 — BMS) The Final Battle (FF05 — BMS) 3D Videos

The Incredible Barbazan: The Cabinet of Fear ($2.00, Episode 1)


    So are we just not getting VVVVV at all now?

      if you want VVVVVV that bad just change region to UK and buy it, then change back
      its what i did!

    I'm obviously not the nintendo target demo... so far since day one I think i have bought a few metroid games...

    I can't agree with the DLC song prices for Theatrhythm. There is around 15 songs I consider "must have" for myself, and to pay over $20. Just nope. Like all DLC, the price doesn't match up to the small amount of extra game you're getting.

    But as a FF fanboy, I'm still considering it...

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