Catch The PSP2's Debut Trailer

Here's the first trailer for Sony's new PSP2 (or NGP as it'll be known).

It's heavy on concepts and light on actual footage of the thing (or its games),but it does get across themain points Sony's trying to make with the thing.


    This add has nothing to do with the PSP2 - completly pointless!

      Ya know, whatever happened to the cool Sony (the PlayStation1 SCE), not this reality-cross-abstract crap - remember, "Do not underestimate the power of PlayStation" and "100% wicked games for your PlayStation now, get them now!"

        Well, the thing is competing with 'lifestyle' devices like the iPad and stuff so it's gotta be a more all-encompassing device, and in turn a more all-encompassing tagline. It is a bit lame I must admit, it sounds like something Apple would use.. That said who is selling a lot of stuff? Apple are. Meh.

      Actually it does. Its not advertising the games. Its trying to say that you have all this connection with other people in the palm of your hands and that its really fun etc. usual bullshit.

    That was possibly the worst trailer I have ever seen. I hope its not an indicator of things to come.


    Whats with the "Come on Forza" sign at 0:48?

    Worst ad i've seen in a long time.

    thats gotta be one of the worst ads ive ever seen

    If I didn't know that was supposed to be a playstation ad, I would have absolutely no idea what I just watched.

    Isn't the point of advertising to promote the product? :/

    Pretty vague ad.

    But I noticed a heaps prominent picture of Sly Cooper at the tail end of the trailer. Does that mean that after the recent re-release of the old games that we'll *finally* see a new installment of Sly and the gang? They've mocked us long enough...

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