Gal☆Gun Escapes, Underpants Seemingly In Tact

Gal☆Gun Escapes, Underpants Seemingly In Tact

After checking out creepy cute shooter Gal☆Gun at last year’s Tokyo Game Show, Kotaku could safely confirm that the game was wall-to-wall underpants. Then, there were concerns those underpants were killed off. Now?

Now it seems that they’ve returned to the on-rails shooters. The game has players blast pheromones at an onslaught of female admirers.

Last December, 79 days before the game’s release in Japan, Microsoft called a meeting with Gal☆Gun developer Alchemist. On the game’s official site, the developer declared a “state of emergency” and suspended the game’s countdown clock. Microsoft, it seems, is asking for some tweaks. In its official notice, Alchemist mentioned “underwear” in parenthesis. There are rumours that Microsoft is attempting to “clean up” its image in Japan, hence this apparent push to sanitize games.

Those underoos are apparently going to be in the game, as the most recent screenshots and reports from the demo show the Gal☆Gun we’ve come to know, love and feel guilty about after playing.

According to the functioning countdown clock, Gal☆Gun will be out this week in Japan, underpants and all, apparently.

縞ぱんつ確認!『ぎゃる☆がん』 体験版 はぱんつモロ出しパラダイス! [オレ的ゲーム情報]

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