Gal Gun Screens Are All Hearts And Underpants

Gal Gun, the on-rails shooter in which you fire pheromone at gals, is headed to the PlayStation 3. The game's developer just released a slew of screenshots, which are pretty much what you'd expect: panties.

The latest batch of screens show off the game's new "Delusion Mode", which allows players to view the female characters from a variety of angles.

Did I just write "view"? Sorry, I meant, "leer".

Gal Gun hits the PS3 later next month in Japan. Be sure to read Kotaku's impressions of the Xbox 360 version.

「ぎゃる☆がん」,さらなるパワーアップを遂げた「妄想モード」と「更衣室」の概要が公開に [4Gamer]


    lol, I had a feeling i knew who did this article and i guessed right

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