Halo's Effect On The Human Heart

The ups and downs of Halo: Reach multiplayer... how do they affect the human heart? One player decided to monitor his heartbeat during a six minute game session to track the effects of Xbox Live on the old ticker.

Reddit user gortag, who says he's studying for his PhD, tracks the highs and lows of his heartbeat, the heart calming effects of death and armour Lock, the heart stressors of virtual combat. The above image is just a sample of the massive 8259 x 656 image of Halo versus the heart, so head to Reddit for the full picture.

My Heart On Halo [Reddit]


    Ha, I did this earlier this year for a school science experiment. I tested COD:6, Braid and Guitar Hero vs the control of sitting quietly. Guitar Hero got the heart rate up the highest, to an max of 120 BPM for about 10 seconds. That was from a resting heart rate of 65. We believe Guitar Hero had the greatest effect due to the loud music and the involvement.

      Now throw in some monitoring for Kinect games.

      Your heart rate will soar during a few of those too.

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