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Today on Highlight Reel we have Red Dead Redemption 2 PC sleds, Halo kills, frozen bullets, death by thumbs up, and much more!


Halo: Reach is a very good game and will soon be coming to PC and Xbox One via an update to The Master Chief Collection. This news prompted a bit of a meme, where folks started sending pizzas to 343 Industries. That inspired one modder to brings pizzas to Halo: Reach.


Halo community director Brian Jarrard said in an AMA on Reddit today that players’ existing progress from Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Xbox One - including all stats, achievements, Forged maps, and game variants - will carry over to the upcoming PC version. He also said that while nothing is guaranteed, the studio is exploring options for adding official mod support some time after launch.


You drop right into a firefight, plasma crackling as it flies past your head. You push forward, blasting away at a pack of grunts, causing them to panic. An Elite taunts you with a burst of blue fire from his rifle, but he backs off when, having caught your attention, you go after him. Starting right in the thick of things is a wonderfully chaotic way to begin a level -- in this case, the level is ONI: Sword Base, and it showcases everything great about Halo: Reach.


Everyone has probably killed a friend in combat while playing Halo -- betrayals happen. But I doubt whatever stab in the back you've experienced unfolded as ridiculously as this one did.