Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Gains Marvel Girl And Mayor Man

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Gains Marvel Girl And Mayor Man

Marvel Vs Capcom 3’s big release is only a little over a month away, but Capcom still has some characters up their sleeves. Final Fight’s wrestler-cum-mayor Mike Haggar joins the battle, and Phoenix rises from the ashes once more.

Mike Haggar’s inclusion in Marvel Vs Capcom 3 was pretty much a given, with pictures of his in-game look surfacing as early as October of last year. He’s all about wrestling, so Street Fighter fans looking for a Zangief-style battler need look no further.

Jean Grey aka Marvel Girl aka Phoenix makes her explosive Marvel Vs Capcom debut in the third installment, bringing with her the flames and fury of the Phoenix Force, a staggeringly powerful manifestation of the prime universal force of life and passion. The Phoenix Force has the ability to rearrange matter on a subatomic level. I’m pretty sure this version of Phoenix won’t be doing that in Marvel Vs Capcom 3. Balance tends to suffer when one character can turn you into a cupcake within seconds of the match beginning.

Her appearance does put the game further out of sync with current Marvel continuity, seeing as she’s currently in one of her dead phases.

Mike Haggar and Phoenix Revealed For Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 [Shoryuken – Thanks EddieRoadDogg!]


  • Is it wrong that when you yelled out ‘HAGGAR IS IN MvC! YES!’ on the facebook page, I thought it meant that either Grawp or Hagrid is in MVC?

    • True Story: I was watching Braveheart with my wife. When Mel Gibson’s big ginger assistant came on screen my wife screamed out, “OH! It’s Haggis! No… HAGGAR! No… HAGRID!”

      • You have *just* created some nightmares for me. Now I’m just thinking of a Hagrid with his hair and beard made of Haggis.

  • 2 things

    1 – There is a severe lack of sharks being piledriven in the Haggar video.

    2 – Phoenix has a healing field and turns into Dark Phoenix after being defeated… OVER-F**KING-POWERED!!

    • Phoenix’s healing field only heals the red part of her health bar, not her entire health bar. Odds are that any hit will knock her out of it, although I’m really just speculating at this point, seeing as Chun-Li was stuck on the defensive the whole time it was activated.

      I regards to the Dark Phoenix transformation, it seemed to take all 5 of her Super Bars (which is a LOT of Super to lose), and she’s constantly losing health during it. One decent combo will probably wreck her because of the health bleed, and while she is quite fast and has a lot of offensive options while in that form, certain characters (like Chun-Li in X-Factor) will be able to walk all over her.

      Although I have to agree with you RE: the shark issue. Hell, have Haggar shove the opponent into a shark and THEN piledrive them. It can’t fail!

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