Mirror's Edge Is Free On The App Store

Exactly what it says on the tin folks. If you want to get your hands on the very impressive Mirror's Edge on the iPhone or the iPad, then head to the App Store ASAP, because it's free!

Despite the fact that it's a little short, Mirror's Edge on the iPhone/iPad is actually a game worth playing, particularly at this deliciously free price! It's a little like a roided up Canabalt with all the trimmings - like a roast Chicken from Woolworths. Simple controls, crisp visuals - it looks as good as any game on the App store. Get it while it's hot kids!

Thanks to Phil for the tip!


    Sweeeeeeet. Was going to buy this, it's on my list. LOVE it when it becomes FREE! Wooohooooo!

    I'm guessing it might have trouble running on my iphone 3g...

    Yay! I picked up the full version on Steam for $5, I've been enjoying it very much. Now I can have this version for free! Yay!

    Awesome dad was complaing about being bored with his iphone, this will help immensely :3

    Not free any more.

    Woohoo! This was free a while back elsewhere in the world but the Aus version never changed. Hmm.. maybe that means a few other things might be free that weren't before too. Mostly EA games, iirc. I'll check and let you know.

    I got it free!!! I luv it

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