New Killzone Trailer Shows Desperate Struggle Of Sci-Fi War

Killzone 3 looks like an impressive first-person shooter, but I sense some apathy out there. FPS games... there are so many of them. This trailer helps.

Last month, Killzone's head creator Herman Hulst was in New York, showing me part of the game. He told me we'd get to know more about the enemy Helghast in the new game. I didn't understand why that mattered, but this trailer helps show what he's talking about.

There's more drama now; a power vacuum at the high ranks of the Helghast military (the result of Killzone 2's unusual finale). The official PlayStation blog names the squabbling Helghast leaders and their famous voice actors: "Malcolm McDowell, who plays the scheming Stahl Arms CEO, and Ray Winstone, who plays the gruff Helghast Admiral." On the ground, the heroes of the last Killzone - including our playable character, Sev - appear to be conflicted about whether to surrender or run.

The plot in this trailer isn't complex. But it has drive. It makes me care about what will happen. Not something I could say about a Killzone game before.

Killzone 3 comes out next month for the PlayStation 3.

Killzone 3 Story Trailer: Malcolm McDowell and Ray Winstone Lead the Helghast [PlayStation Blog]


    F***in EPIC - This is why im getting a ps3 on feb!

    Jan and Feb are killing me! LBP2, Dead Space 2, Mass Effect 2. And that's all in the space of a week or so.

    I tried the Killzone 3 Beta, and it was good fun, but until about 2 minutes and 8 seconds ago, I hadn't considered picking it up.

    Damn you Sony!

    *It only destroys your credit card*

    So, I saw...

    Sev punching Rico in the face. F**king A.

    Rico. Goddammit.

    A Helghast doing an Ezio at the end? Hmm.

    Oh, and a day 1 purchase.

    Best. Trailer. In. Ages.

    I found Killzone 2's story a little bland and the dialogue terrible but was visually stunning. Glad to see they're keeping the engine and just working on story this time.

    And all I think of when I hear Ray Winstone is 'I will kill your monster!'.

    I haven't played a Killzone game before so maybe I'm just not emotionally invested in the characters but to me, getting a couple of awesome voice actors like Malcolm McDowell and Ray Winstone really highlights how lousy the rest of the actors are.

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