No Game Is This Scary

No Game Is This Scary

Night of Sacrifice is an upcoming horror game for the Wii. A melodramatic, alarming teaser trailer of bikini model Saya Hikita playing it showed the 21-year-old in tears. But the game can’t be that scary?

Not much of an avid horror game player, Hikita is the title’s “spiritual idol” (a pretty girl who is supposed to get scared!), and this recently released viral clip shows her getting progressively frightened out of her mind after an hour of play. By an hour and a half in, she’s got her head on the desk! Two hours in, she’s a sobby mess of tears. Three hours in, she looks like she’s been drugged.

Sure, being locked in a dark room with a horror game might be scary, but none of the footage that’s in the game seem scary enough to induce crying, hair pulling and a trance. But that’s just me.

As previously posted, Night of Sacrifice follows five college students as they visit an area where sacrificial offerings to the gods used to be practiced. The Wii Remote is used as a flashlight as players explore the area. The Wii Balance Board is also used in the game; however, the game’s developer didn’t fully explain how it will be implemented.



  • Will the game be as bad as her acting? >:P

    On a side note, anyone else notice how all of the characters look like they’re from Project Rub?

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