Some StarCraft Player Has The Best Girlfriend Ever

Adrienne Baginski's boyfriend loves StarCraft II. Adrienne Baginski loves him, so she made him the most adorable plush rendition of a Protoss Probe she possibly could for Christmas. Lucky bastard.

There are handmade plushies, and then there are handmade plushies. This is no "Oh look, I sewed two pieces of coloured felt together and stuffed it with cotton" sort of plushie. This is a custom plushie that took love, reference shots, and skill. These are all things my own fiancée possesses, and yet here I stand, plushie-less.

Adrienne rubs it in with her simple explanation.

"I made this for my boyfriend as a Christmas gift and I thought you guys might be interested in seeing it. It's a plushie of a Protoss Probe from StarCraft 2 that I designed and hand-made myself. Enjoy!"

We are enjoying, while sneaking sideways glances at our own significant others, wondering where our custom-made plushies are. Perhaps we made the wrong choice.


    I hope it doesn't get jealous of that lucky couple and summon a wall between the two of them hehe :)

      Probe, not Sentry.

        Yep that's proof I've been away from Starcraft 2's original gameplay for too long xD. Keep getting the two mixed up lol

    That is indeed awesome, nice job.

    My plush Metroid would eat it for breakfast. :D

    oh my ! if a girl would make a plushy probe to me she'd be my wife !

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