This Game Pits Its Jerk Players Against One Another

This Game Pits Its Jerk Players Against One Another

We’ve seen one way today a video game is trying to tackle the problem of people being jerks on the internet. It’s a little heavy. Here’s one that’s a lot simpler.

Upcoming fighting game Marvel vs Capcom 3 tracks instances of “rage-quitting” – when a player drops out of an online match rather than face defeat – and remembers.

If you pull the plug too many times, whenever you go to play an online match, you’ll be paired against other people who pull the plug too many times. Meaning the game is basically throwing all its griefers in a padded cell, locking the door and walking away.

It’s a simple, novel concept that we hope catches on. Only because it’s such a deliciously appropriate method of punishment.

‘Marvel vs. Capcom 3’ Will Pit Rage Quitters Against Rage Quitters [MTV]


  • Awesome. I’d love to see this happen in other games, Fifa for example. Rage-quitting is the bane of online gaming.

  • Interesting idea. I remember years ago playing a Korean MMO that had a fun concept. If you killed other players then you were known as a murdered and your name went red. This would go away after a fair amount of hours of in game time, but during this time if you died you had a much higher chance of dropping a piece of your equipment, and you couldn’t enter towns where you would be safe. So a murderer would have to not only be careful not to die from mobs but other players hoping to kill you and steal your items.

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