This Is Portal 2 Played With A Magnetic Motion Controller

Keyboard and mouse controls got you down? Yeah, didn't think so. But if millimeter precise motion control sounds like an interesting way to play Valve's first-person puzzler Portal 2, you might want to buy yourself a Razer Sixense.

Razer's motion control scheme for the PC, which uses a magnetic field to track a pair of controllers in a 3D space, will be supported in Portal 2, giving the game a unique "console-like" experience. (We played with the Sixense controller at CES 2010 with a custom build of Left 4 Dead 2.) You'll see that there's a little bit of lag in interpreting real-world movements, even when the Sixense controllers are wired to the magnetic field base station.

Watch as Intel reps move, shoot, twist and manipulate stretchy boxes, all while thinking with portals, with the Sixense. It's launching later this year for "under a hundred dollars."

Portal 2 will be out for the PC, Mac, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this April.


    Wait wtf he can extend the range of grabbing with the Portal gun?

    not sure if wunt...
    i'd probly mess around with it tho, if the price is right.

    I can see people using that for Gary's Mod.

    Look how much it lags. It's even worse than the wii.

    It's especially apparent at 0:29. Looks like a full second between movement of the controller and in game.

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