Uncharted's Creators Are Not Developing Uncharted For The NGP

The most exciting piece of game footage shown off during Sony's big NGP reveal last week was of a portable Uncharted game. A game that is not being handled by the series' creators, Naughty Dog.

No, as we saw with the last PSP, the handheld versions of key franchises are being worked on by a different studio, in this case Bend, the creators of Syphon Filter.

We say franchises because the NGP's Resistance game won't be developed by that series' creators, Insomniac, either. Instead, the next portable version of Sony's sci-fi shooter series will be the work of Nihilistic Software. You may never have heard of Nihilistic, but they actually began work on the ill-fated Starcraft: Ghost, and are just now putting the finishing touches on PlayStation Move title PlayStation Move Heroes.

This is nothing new for a Sony handheld. The PSP's Grand Theft Auto games were developed not by Rockstar North, but Rockstar Leeds. The PSP's God of War games were developed not by Sony, but Ready at Dawn. The PSP's Resistance game was developed not by Naughty Dog, but the afore-mentioned Bend. You get the idea. There's precedence!

[Game Informer & Twitter, via Gamasutra]


    This isnt necessarily a bad thing. With the PS3 comprised of such specific hardware, dedicating an entire studio to ps3 dev work will produce a much more refined, impressive product [the uncharted games are proof enough].
    Letting another team dedicate themselves to the brand new hardware in the psp will let them concentrate on producing the best game they can. Hopefully which will produce 2 fantastic games, rather than 2 diluted games.

    "The PSP’s Resistance game was developed not by Naughty Dog, but the afore-mentioned Bend."

    Typo, PSP's Resistance game was developed not by Insomniac, but the afore-mentioned Bend.

    Anyway, who cares? Sony have never put their key franchises in danger by having a lazy studio make a crappy watered down version of their beloved franchise, and i doubt they'd do it with either Uncharted or Resistance.... it worked out well for God of War, so its not a bad thing.

    I for one am relieved.

    I'm tired of sequels to games being released concurrently on different platforms.
    Personally it was the Metal Gear series and Valkyrie Chronicles.

    I own one platform but not the other. I think if companies want to make direct sequels to games they should stick to a single platform.

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