You Still Have Time To Help Shape The He-Man Game, Got Any Ideas?

You Still Have Time To Help Shape The He-Man Game, Got Any Ideas?

Just one week ago we were pretty sure that a He-Man video game was in the works. It turns out that it’s more of just a hope and a dream right now. So now’s your chance to be influential.

Danny Bilson, avowed Kotaku reader and head of “core” games at game publisher THQ told us today that he wants to make a Masters of the Universe game. (Masters of the Universe is the name for the ’80s toy and cartoon franchise featuring He-Man, Skeletor, She-Ra, an annoying floating red-cloaked elf thing and a bunch of other characters some of you might be too young and deprived to know.) Bilson’s problem is that he didn’t know until a week ago that THQ was going to be able to make a He-Man game.

There was some question about whether THQ was going to get the rights to making a He-Man game even as they were getting the rights to make Barbie games and other stuff based on Mattel toys. But last week Bilson got the word that Masters of the Universe: The Game is something his teams could make.

“I’m sure we’ll be doing something,” he said. “I can’t say what, but something.”

Kotaku readers, tell THQ what that “something” should be, will you?

He-Man first person shooter?

He-Man kart racing game?

He-Man MMO?


  • 3rd person hack and slash would be the front runner in the obvious sweepstakes, with plenty of enviromental puzzles that require alot of strength to move things…

    Perhaps co-op also with Man At Arms and Teela…

    Actually, a game based similar to the Lara Croft and the Guardian Of Light would probably work pretty damn well also.

  • Not that old mate’s going to check Kotaku AU. But It should definetly be an RPG (the closer to Bioware the better) and the enemy should not be skeletor.

    There needs to be a far greater threat so that He-Man and Skeletor must work together.
    Skeletor as a playable character? DAMN STRAIGHT!!!

    Also She-Ra should be a playable and that episode where Skeletor shrunk down the mana beast, changed him into data and sent him into He-Man’s computer is a must!

    Skeletor: “I’ll call him Byte!”
    Hells yeah!!!

  • Take one part Batman Arkham Asylum, throw in a bit of Transformers WFC, add a few pinches of Mass Effect and Dragon Age, sprinkle liberally with RDR ( I wanna ride battlecat!!!! ), coat with shiny Masters Of The Universe Glaze.
    Mmmmmm Delicious!

    Basically respect the canon, mix up the gameplay, give me a good story, let me ineract with a whole world of characters, crazy skill trees for he-man powers and let me ride battlecat!!!

  • The HE-MAN game should be a 4-player CO-OP-oriented 3rd-person Action Adventure game.

    Look at Borderlands for:
    -area zones
    -co-op transport
    -power ups
    -levelled enemies

    Replace FPS aspects with:
    -Hack’n’Slash gameplay
    -swords, axes, lances, shield, etc…
    -Magic/Crossbows for projectiles
    -Rideable beasts!! (see co-op transport above)

    -Good guy/Bad guy Missions/Quests like Transformers War For Cybertron
    -Horde mode. Every co-op game needs a Horde mode!

    Multiplayer Modes:
    -Free For All
    -Conquest(ala BC2)/Domination(COD)

    And STAY TRUE to the cartoon! Transformers War For Cybertron is awesome because it used many aspects of the G1 cartoon series to mold it’s characters and story (and the Transformers in WFC are ten times better than Bay’s Abortions!)


  • God of War style action game featuring pleantly of blood and naked women. An rpg could also work.

    What ever they do they should not make it a kids game. The show was for kids but the kids who did watch it and will be buying the game are all in their late twenties and early thirties now.

    I really have no right to post suggestions or make assumptions about who will be buying the game and what they’ll want though because I’m only 18 and never saw the show. I’ve seen the intro on youtube though and it looks hilarious.

  • Only got a few suggestions/demands:

    1) NOT a god of war ripoff, we’ve had more than enough of those

    2) Original voice cast (I presume they’re all still alive)

    3) Cell shaded art style

    4) This is the most important one: MAKE IT NOT SUCK

  • Definatly something along the lines of Fallout3 or Morrowind (minus the cliffracers of course), only 86x more fantastic!!

    As I remember Eternia has lots of desert & rock, and would therefore have lots of underground dungeons & other mystical places to visit.
    (I am thinking ‘The Labyrinth of Perpetua’. Holds a giant beast skeletor put to sleep once).
    The Snake Mountain level should definatly be the size of a damn mountain! Skeletor should be a boss but not the end boss, I believe that honour goes to King Hiss. (3 headed snake dude, original owner of snake mountain)I remember there was a cosmic being called Zodac, he was neither evil or good. Maybe a storyline involving him would be great. A couple of missions with She-Rah against the evil horde would also be good as something to unlock, but not as part of the main story. Except for multiplayer.

    In multiplayer anyone can be selected or create your own race. (Eternians, Magic Creatures, The Undead?) Being good or evil is up to you, and you would be able to pick a fight with anyone via some sort of system based on accepting/declining.

  • I’ve been tossing this about since the announcement was made and I really don’t know how this could work. So much canon to work with and potential ways it could go.

    RPG: Has huge potential with different characters and quests and different areas that could be explored. Or better yet just sell the RPG rights to Bioware and let them make it
    DOW style RTS: Individual people make up the units and a small team moves and completes the mission. Or maybe a warlords battlecry style with a single hero and standard build/train mechanics
    Fighting game: Not a genre I like but could see it working. I hope this isn’t the choice
    Hexen style FPS: Run about with the sword of power wreaking havoc. Online play could be similar to age of chivalry.
    MMO: Would have to be PVP focus. Again I like the age of chivalry idea.
    God of war style: I think it will work, plenty of fodder for boss fights. Not sure what we would use as fodder enemies
    Dungeon crawler: Same world as above. More focus on skill trees and equipment. Selectable character.
    Dating Sim: Can He-man make Teela fall for him.

    Release for PC.

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