16-Year-Old Confesses To Killing Mum Over PlayStation

Philadelphia teenager Kendall Anderson confessed in court to murdering his sleeping mother after she confiscated his PlayStation. And if you don't like crime-related video games stories with terrible, sickening endings, don't go any further. This one is perhaps the worst.

Anderson's confession, read in court by Philadelphia police homicide detective Thorsten Lucke, admits to attacking his mother, Rashida, with a claw hammer, attempting to cremate her in the kitchen oven and ultimately beating her to death with a chair leg. He reported her missing to police the next day, then confessed to Philadelphia police.

Kendall Anderson added to his confession: "If I could, I would not do it again. I really miss my mum... she was the only person who cared for me," reports Philadelphia's Inquirer.

Confession: Boy bludgeoned sleeping mum over PlayStation [Philly.com]


    no s*** u miss ur mum and whose fault is that hm?

    And I thought that guy from NZ the one that hugged his baby to death while playing PS3 was bad. Wtf is wrong with people?!

      Yeah this is almost what you'd expect from Africa. Oh wait...just checked a photograph of the murderer. =/

    Note to self: make sure to lock child if I have to take away his/her console.

    Truly, these Playstation "computer game" whatsits are scourge of modern society...

    Wait a sec... he tried to cremate her in the oven BEFORE beating her to death with the leg of a chair?


      Thats what I was thinking myself, he's got the order all wrong. I bet he was the sort to use level skip cheats too

    WTF is wrong with these ppl? I know some children don't like it when they are disciplined but obviously this child had no respect. Well, now he's learnt a lesson he'll never forget... hopefully...

    Holy fucking shit. What is wrong with this guy?

    He had to have had major problems before this. Who knows how long he had been stewing in whatever little emotions troubled teens have. The confiscation of his PlayStation was merely the catalyst, and his mother his unfortunate victim. If was only a matter of time before something set him off.

    Clearly the mother's fault for rearing such a wierdo kid!

      You're kidding, right? What's wrong with you?

        Sorry sarcasm doesn't come across very well in 1994 style BBS posts

    No one else find the hilarity in this article appearing just 20 minutes after "Games Might Not Desensitise Us To Violence After All"

      No, there's no hilarity whatsoever in the whole issue. And if you truly believe that a boy with such serious personality issues that he killed her mother and the videogame is to be blamed (because he surely wouldn't have killed her if he was obsessed with TV, music, comics, clothes or other stuff that was taken away, right? -oh wait, turns out that that happens all the time too,) I suggest you to pass a resume to FOX News, they'll surely love your style and perspective.

    I think this kids problems go way beyond anything a video game can cause...

      I'm inclined to agree with you. This kid clearly has more bigger problems than a confiscated Playstation.

    I hate these stories. I know Kotaku posts gaming news, but... ugh.

    He was probably in the middle of playing.....wait for it...........Cooking Mama.


      I shouldn't have laughed at this... but... :P

      Seriously though, this is a pretty horrible story.

      lmao... you are a truly horrible human being.

      I made the same joke.

      Of course, the press will blame Bulletstorm or Gears of War for this, not Cooking Mama.

      Although arguably you could actually make a SLIGHTLY more plausible case for "Cooking Mama" being the "cause" of this crime.

    Playstations, I dunno.

    Usually I am loath to post in macabre threads but they must own a really big oven... and I'm fairly sure to cremate a body you'd need a thousand degrees to get it done quick enough to make it ash otherwise you just have severely burned meat.

    Then again common sense doesn't really belong in a story about beating your mother to death over a rather timid punishment.

    Truly a sad story and a clear example of what happens if any form of addiction - from alcohol to books to games - is allowed to go unchecked.

    1 step
    2 step
    3 step
    How many times can we break the law?
    Seriously WTF.

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