2010's Most Popular Xbox Live Titles

Halo: Reach finished second to Call of Duty: Black Ops among the 2010 video game releases played most on Xbox Live. In downloadable titles, LIMBO trailed Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, and Baby Maker Extreme was the top Indie game.

The annual rankings dropped yesterday courtesy of Xbox Live community guru Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb. They're based on the number of unique users for each game, recorded during the first week of release. Shooters took four of the top six places, adding Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Medal of honour to Black Ops and Reach. FIFA 11's global reach helped make it the top sports title on the service, besting Madden NFL 11 (No. 11) and NBA 2K11 (No. 16).

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, the premium prequel to Dead Rising 2, led the downloadables list over LIMBO. Fan favourite Monday Night Combat came in fifth and indie hit Super Meat Boy placed 18th.

The full listings in all three categories:

Full Retail Releases

1 Call of Duty: Black Ops

2 Halo: Reach

3 Red Dead Redemption

4 Fable III

5 Battlefield: Bad Co. 2

6 Medal of Honor

7 Mass Effect 2

8 FIFA Soccer 11

9 Fallout: New Vegas

10 BioShock 2

11 Madden NFL 11

12 Splinter Cell Conviction

13 Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

14 Dead Rising 2

15 Kinect Adventures!

16 NBA 2K11

17 Crackdown 2

18 Aliens vs Predator

19 Mafia II

20 Army of TWO: TFD

Arcade Titles

1 Dead Rising 2: Case Zero


3 Perfect Dark

4 Toy Soldiers

5 Monday Night Combat

6 Deadliest Warrior

7 Dead Rising 2: Case West

8 X-Men Arcade

9 Castlevania Harmony of Despair

10 Plants vs Zombies

11 Scott Pilgrim

12 Sonic 4 Episode 1

13 Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

14 Blacklight: Tango Down

15 Hydro Thunder Hurricane

16 RISK Factions

17 Super Meat Boy

18 World of Keflings

Indie Games

1 Baby Maker Extreme

2 Avatar Showdown

3 Avatar Paintball

4 Avatar Ninja!

5 Avatar Racedrome

6 Try Not To Fart

7 Nuclear Wasteland

8 Avatar Onslaught

9 Yet Another Zombie Defense

10 Zombie Estate

11 Breath of Death VII


13 Get Rich or Die Gaming

14 Avatar Bumper Cars

15 Avatar Meet Up Live!


17 Shoot 1UP

18 Toy Stunt Bike

19 The Impossible Game

20 So Many Girls So Little Time

Top Xbox LIVE Games of 2010 [Major Nelson]


    Disappointed that The Saboteur didn't make the list. That game was probably my most enjoyed game for 2010, I even kept playing it till I got everything & did everything. I rarely do that with any games nowadays.

      That game was released in 2009...

        oh, my bad then.

    Monday Night Combat could have been higher if Australian players were allowed to play with other Australian players.

    Medal of Honour got more sales than Mass Effect 2?


      probably not, more medal of honor is a multi-player game and mass effect 2 is single player, so people log more hours on multi-player, im guessing this is based on hours logged =/

      Played on Xbox Live on the first week - doesn't mean it sold more.

      No no, you are reading it wrong. Its unique users that played the game during the first week WHILE connected to Xbox live.

      ME2 being a single player game, i assume that a large amount of people did not play it while connected to xbox live.

    Castlevania beat out Super Meat Boy? Wasn't expecting that.

    Go Battlefield!

    Dead Rising 2: Case Zero doesn't deserve #1.

    The game was pleasantly challenging (and the annoying daddy and Katey crap tolerable), but come 7pm, the deadly moron redneck killed my enthusiasm for the game. NOT buying the full game.

    Why show us the indie games list if we cannot even get indie games.

    I hate Microsft sometimes....

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