A Look At Darkspore's Limited Edition

Players who pre-order Darkspore will get early access to Maldri and some neat loot.


    Hands up if you remembered this game existed!

      don't feel like it, you get a stationary eyebrow.

      *puts hand up*

      but im not getting it, i was disappointed in spore, not the game itself cos that was fun, but with maxis, they released an expansion for the stage that never ends anyway and there were so many more ways they could have improved it with new expansions

    I am hesitant to buy to this game, after being deeply disappointing with spore, there was so much room for improvement in that game and yet nothing in terms of expansions, add on's were developed.
    I guess I will wait and see.

    I really liked spore at first, until I hit the end stage. Then I was stuck in a never ending struggle not to die while I was chain attacked by every neighbour (which I had greeted peacefully) and couldn't actually enjoy any of the content I wanted to.

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