Cold War Drama, A Legend Of Zelda Clone And More

This week's look at gaming apps include a wonderful retro Cold War title, a knock-off of The Legend of Zelda and a very evil League.

A Painting Puzzler That Can Hurt Your Head Glow Artisan was a downloadable game for DS, but that might as well mean it was black ops. One of the better-kept-secrets on Nintendo's machine is now out for iPhone and iPad. It's painting mixed with puzzles.

Rhythm Control Is Big In JapanThis is not your typical story: an American and a Swede meet over the Japanese language and decide to make a video game. That game then takes the Japanese iTunes charts by storm.

From Castle Crashers To…Cold War Missile Drama Mother Russia (in this case The Behemoth, developers of Castle Crashers) needs to send a care package to the capitalist dogs in the United States. In a missile. And that's where you come in.

So This Is The iPhone's Answer To The Legend Of Zelda There's a brave young warrior, a beautiful princess, a horse to ride, and pots to break open in search of treasure. I'd sure say Gameloft's Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden is the iPhone's answer to Zelda, but is it good?

League of Evil Offers a Meaty Experience of Its Own Super Meat Boy's replayable challenge and smartly simple design would make it a natural for an iPhone, right? Yeah, not much chance we'll be seeing that. But consider League of Evil, which draws on the same concept while expanding it.


    Yay after 15 years, we might actually get an (almost) true upgrade to the Zelda franchise!

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