de Blob 2 Producer Starts Christchurch Earthquake Fund

Jen Timms is a producer at THQ Australia who, most recently, worked on de Blob 2. She also has a 63 year old Aunt who fell victim to the recent earthquakes in Christchurch, losing her home and all her possessions. Now Jen has started a fund to help out her Aunt, and you can contribute here.

My Aunty is 63 years old, and living on her own in Christchurch. She's always struggled financially and never had much at all, and the few things she did have were almost completely obliterated in the latest earthquake.

Her housing commission home is unliveable - no power, no sewage or water, huge cracks in all of the walls making it unstable, and the road surrounding her house has collapsed into the nearby river. Vehicles can't even make it in or out of her street in order to move the few possessions (furniture etc) she still has, so she will have to leave everything behind.

She's lost everything, and my family are trying to pool funds amongst ourselves to get her out of her immediate dire situation and back on her feet.

Any possible govt/relief support will be extremely minimal, and won't happen for a while anyway, and she needs help now. She needs help getting back EVERYTHING that she has lost, let alone enough to cover the day to day.

My family are trying to make ongoing financial arrangements as much as we can, but anything that can be chipped in now would be so helpful to us. None of us are really in the situation to do much at the moment, and it's very stressful, particularly from a distance.

I understand that my family is only one of many in similar horrible situations who all deserve your support, but if you want to donate to the Christchurch earthquake cause, and want to be sure the money is given DIRECTLY to a victim who is suffering now, please help me by chipping in $5 or $10.

Thank you so, so much.

Jen (@scarlettjen)

It's a terrible situation, and one that hits harder when you realise someone who you've spoken to, or have a connection with, has been impacted. Good luck Jen, and I hope everything works out for your Aunt.


    Jump to the front of the hand-out line for having a relative that works with popular media... I'll keep that strategy in mind.

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