If This Makes Sense You Don’t Need A Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Strategy Guide

If This Makes Sense You Don’t Need A Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Strategy Guide

There are button mashers like me, and then there are people who pull off moves like these without blinking. In between those two groups is the Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 strategy guide by BradyGames.

Will a strategy guide help me play Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 better than I normally would? I was considering picking up a copy, but then I saw the preview Capcom posted this evening featuring the entries for Wolverine and Ryu. There is no way in hell I could ever pull off whatever is happening in those combo instructions above. The better players say that practice helps, but I can’t imagine a world where I can perform anything as complicated as this.

How would I even use the book? Lay it in my lap, press a few buttons, pause real quick, memorize the next few buttons, and un-pause?

If you’re the kind of player that can look at that jumble of instructions and picture exactly what would happen on screen if you entered them, then congratulations: I am officially terrified of you.

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Strategy Guide Preview! [Capcom Unity]


    • It says “advance tactics” not “advanced combos” or anything scary like that.
      It looks like it refers to “ground recovery” whereby an opponent, after a knock down, can get up off the ground in one of various ways (quick stand, roll to the left, roll to the right, delayed wake up).
      Fairly straight forward concept that can encourage some mind games and be exploited as a tactic.
      Don’t worry, it looks like these are as difficult as combos will be (although I’m sure, as always, there’s some crazy stuff that’ll be created).

  • I remember looking at an FAQ for Guilty Gear XX way back when and it was at that very moment I came to terms with the fact that I would never get any better at the game!

  • Well for those of us who take these games to the next level, its all kinda straight forward =]

    CR – Crouching L – Light, that type of stuff looks way more complicated than it sounds. Try explaining the jump in kick then sweep kick in the same way and you see how it only looks long and complex.

  • This is why I suck at MvC. They’re not even straight combos. They’re combos that have ifs and buts all through them based on what the other player does.

    Fighters these days are more and more like turn based strategy games – It’s just each turn is just .01 of a second.

  • “this setup requires you to hyper combo-cancel into Berserker Charge”

    That’s actually a line? I feel like I’m reading a bad sci-fi novel.

  • Reading the list of characters is the closest i’ll ever come to that game.

    I play games for enjoyment and just enough of a challange to stave off alzheimer’s, not for a goodbye outside world, total obsessive mind fuck.

  • That looks a lot easier compared to BlazBlue as someone else pointed out. Most combos in MvC are always started with a normal crouching kick or punch before you move into the rhythm of it.

    And to be honest, try doing a complete lifebar drain in KoF. That is hard as.

  • These are much, much easier than you would imagine.

    In MvC games, there is a thing called the “Magic Series” which allows you to link light attacks to hard ones without having to time the hits exactly (this is called “chains”.)

    Seriously, once you understand the difference between standing and crouching (it involves holding down 😀 ), then these combos are not really that crazy.

  • Agreed, I remember when guides for fight games consisted of “walk forward and spam light punch” or versus another opponent “hit heavy punch whenever they get close.”

  • never saw the point of doing long combos, simple button mashing will get your job done. Might be useful for harder modes however…

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