Let's See If DS Games Look Better On The 3DS

This is hardly scientific. In fact, it's not scientific at all. But since the 3DS has better screens, then DS games should look better on them, no?

That's exactly what I tried to find out! I'm comparing how the New Super Mario Bros. looks on the DSi XL and how it looks on the 3DS.

There are several things to contend with. Obviously, the DSi XL has a bigger screen, but it is only capable of 16-bit colour. The 3DS has a smaller screen, but a higher pixel count and is capable of showing more colour.

So even if the difference is slight (it is), the 3DS should give your DS games an oh-so subtle coat of new paint. Good news to those who are looking for games to hold them over while they wait for the bigger, yet unreleased 3DS title.


    Not to be a downer, I really would like to see the results of this, but this article is a bit pointless, How about a post with actual results on it, even just a first impression if you are leading towards a more indepth article. As a DSlite owner who hasnt upgraded to DSi, XL or 3DS, I would like to see them compared before I take the leap.

    So it might kinda look slightly better, but then it could be because the screen is smaller than the XL?

    How about changing the title to 'First Look' or something, I was hoping to see some side-by-side images and comment about how the same game looks on the DSi vs the 3DS.

    Well, at least I guess that we know that the first static screen of SMB doesn't look worse on the 3DS.

    It is fake the screens are the same size all he did was take out the cartidge see how its frozen. The darkness is to hide that. besides the It was released yesterday so unless this guy was in japan in the insanely long lines to get this or its just some idiot wanting views because 300,000 units were sold in less than a day for real information check out Nintendo3DSBlog.com

    This article is a bit pointless. The only games that will look better will be ones designed for 3DS. 3DS games will have a broader colour pallet, but the original DS games will have a limited pallet so they can still be played on the old DS systems.

    It's like saying "I'm gonna play the original Halo on the Xbox 360 and hope it looks better, because the Xbox 360 has better hardware!"

      Actually, this article is about the screen being higher quality. So, really, it's like saying "I bought a new TV, my old games will look better now!".

      Not to say that what the writer is saying is true, though. To be honest, I doubt there is much of a difference, if any.

    It would probably look better for the same reason the IP4's retina display makes the regular res games look better.

    If it tops the DSi XL which is the gold standard for these things, that's something. Even if it's because the XL's ppi is horrible.

    The difference is really clear imho, I've tried filming off a DSi screen before and you can really see all the little line's on the screen as you can in that video, but when you filmed it on3DS, bam, lines are gone, better screens = nicer picture.

    Why can't any kotaku videos get straight to what people actually want to see, and not 5 minutes of talking and adjusting the camera, save that for after a video of the action.

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