Make Your Old PC Games Look Brand New

If you're a PC gamer, and your favourite titles are a few years old, they may be starting to show signs of ageing. What you need to spruce them up, then, is the ENB Series of mods by Boris Vorontsov.

Some of you may already be using them in games like Oblivion, Deus Ex and Vice City, but this clip posted yesterday on Reddit really shows that, if you've never heard of them before, you're really missing out.

By either adding new effects or messing with existing ones to improve things like lighting, Vorontsov is able to make an ancient game look, if not current, then at least a lot easier on the eyes.

If you've never used ENB before - or did a few years back when they were a little buggier - you can grab the necessary files and documentation for the mods off the ENB site.


    I've been using it for GTA4 and San Andreas for months now and I give it a big recommendation. With a bit of initial tweaking this mod is the bees knees.

    Just wondering, how can you play this on PC without lagging out?

      You buy a new one.

      Why would the PC version lag out? as long as you have decent hardware, GTA4 runs fine on the PC, it certainly runs faster and with better graphics than any of the console versions. :/

        GTA4 on PC runs like ass, even on great hardware. The final patch that was released improved it a lot though, still doesn't run great unless you have the absolute bleeding edge hardware.

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