PS3 Hacker Tells Sony How He’s Really Feeling

PS3 Hacker Tells Sony How He’s Really Feeling

Remember when George Hotz, aka “GeoHot”, appeared on television? He sounded so intelligent and well-composed, and Sony’s lawsuit just seemed unwarranted. Now, Hotz doesn’t nearly sound as well-composed, but at least he rhymes.

George Hotz, along with the failoverflow team, cracked the PS3 open. He is currently being taken to court by Sony. “The way piracy was previously done [on PS3]doesn’t work in my jailbreak”, he told G4. “I made a specific effort while I was working on this to try to enable homebrew without enabling things I do not support, like piracy.”

Hotz posted a new video on his YouTube site in which he directs his venom at Sony in rap form, telling the electronics giant, “You’re fucking with the dude who got the keys to your safe” and calling them “fudgepackers”. Hotz namechecks Lik Sang, and then says, “I’m a personification of freedom for all.” Hotz then dares them to exhibit this video in the courtroom.

Your move, Sony.

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  • GeoHotz thinks he is a personification of freedom?

    I think he is a personification of a nerdy tinkerer with issues with authority.

  • Yes he should be more mature like Sony.LOL.
    Have a cry when someone hacks your console and take them to court.
    Give the guy some respect for unlocking the console, which was possible from Sony’s own mistake.
    Sony’s court actions are immature and they only encouraged the hacker community by ripping out features in the PS3, such as Linux OS support.

  • instead of being a douche about it

    surely it could have gone something like iv’e cracked your console because you removed the other OS feature, re-implement it and it will never see the light of day

    • He’s the reason the Other OS was taken away in the first place. He was exploiting it to hack the console. This argument that he only did this is petty, childish, and disingenuous. The guy clearly has issues and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. You’d be pissed too if some tool opened up your source of I’m one to theft and piracy. Nothing wrong with Sony trying to protect their business and their honest consumers like me and many others from the threat of hackers and pirates.

  • Bah.

    You are either be ninja or swarthy and swashbuckling, neither of these things are you *points stick at Hotz*

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