Report: PS3 Hacker George Hotz Lands Job At Facebook

Report: PS3 Hacker George Hotz Lands Job At Facebook

George “GeoHot” Hotz, famed for his hacking of the iPhone and PlayStation 3 (and subsequent court dramas), has apparently found gainful employment. At social networking behemoth Facebook.

A report on Tech Unwrapped, citing hackers who have been in contact with Hotz since his settlement with Sony, says Hotz has been turning down new hacking challenges/opportunities because he “doesn’t want that much attention”, and is instead now working at Facebook.

According to those with access to his site, Facebook messages left on Hotz’s account say that he began working at the site in May, and revealed the move to his friends on June 17.

Where this leaves GeoHot’s rap career is anyone’s guess.

Geohot Working at Facebook, iPad App in the Works [tech unrwapped]


  • In other news: a convicted pedophile has gotten employed at an elementary school

    Kind of stupid to me to hire a hacker and give him access to millions of people’s information.

    • This is pretty standard practice. If he wasn’t hired by a huge private company like Facebook, he probably would’ve landed a job in government security.

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