Report: iPad 2 Unveiling Next Week

Apple is set to unveil its next-generation iPad on March 2, smack in the middle of next week's Game Developers Conference, says AllThingsD. Expect the iPad 2 to be lighter, faster and camera-equipped.


    What's the point in buying an Apple product when they are (ridiculously) overpriced, and are superseded every 6-12 months?

      You'll find that other tablets are similarly priced, if not more. Technology's constantly advancing, are you against this?

        yeah sure nick there the same price but not one of them is bound by the restrictions of IOS

          What are the restrictions of iOS?

            Walled garden platform, no flash support, forced sync via iTunes, no drag-and-drop (not even for documents), no expandable memory, proprietary software and accessories (even screws to deter customising), 30% app cuts (now includes subscription ie. revenue), draconian warranty policies.

            And this is all AFTER Apple caved in after the outrage over $10 software updates and their stubborn backing of Firewire etc against industry standard USB. Yeah. I think these count as restrictions.


              I have Apple products no doubt about that - they do a lot of things well. BUt I think thats the point. Yes they exclude A LOT but for the things they do and need they do GREAT!

              But no iPad for me. Not even worth it with a camera or smaller or whatever they're adding. I don't like the syncing thing - I dont know if ALL tablets are like this, but I would like to download/store everything myself without having to sync to update it and those sort of restrictions.

              Apple are expensive. But they've always been known for that so I don't know why people are complaining NOW of all times when technology just keeps expanding and getting more expensive really when it comes to new products like the recent popularity and revival of tablets.

              I like the idea that Apple update yearly its great but they act a bit like Nintendo where they leave something out which is so simple or popular only to add it a year later. It frustrates me for simple things or common utilities. New ideas and features are great yearly additions but when something as common as USB can't be included on a Tablet - thats just stupid really.

              Bottom line is, Apple is an expensive brand. Overpriced, probably but they've always been that way. With that said, your not FORCED to upgrade yearly. Heck I wont be updating my MacBook very soon with the price they are, a laptops features become more restricted every year I believe. Whilst Apple DO concentrate more on their newer products to push out the older ones to make people upgrade your still not FORCED to do so.
              And yeah - they've also always left out a lot of common features so really get used it, its all a marketing/revenue raising scheme that most if not all companies use - just like companies update their products sometimes multiple times each year.

                I just find it fascinating to hear people's opinions on this as I work for a company that produces games on iOS. The 'walled garden platform' is a godsend for development.

                30% app cut is actually a fantastic cut for a system that delivers and promotes your content directly to the consumer, double that figure would still be quite fair for the service they provide. Getting 70% on of the sale of your distributed product is amazing in any industry.

                'screws to deter customising' is an office favourite already :)

                  Maybe some people prefer the IOS ecosystem. I admit, there are some benefits. It's integrated, it's more secure etc but it's closed and there's no way around it. But for people like myself who want to do what we want with our device, to put what we want on it, to run it as we need, it's a pile of vomit.

                  What, you want to sync documents from iPad/PC? Too friggin bad bad, you need to use iTunes. People should realise how ridiculous that is. You want to experience Flash on your browser? Sorry, Steve Jobs personally dislikes it, thus depriving his millions of customers on what should be an individual choice. Want to use non-MP4 format videos or use your own tracks as ringtones (something almost every other phone can do)? Sorry, you'll have to go through the iTunes store to purchase them separately. You want to use Sony's Reader app because you have an account? Too bad, it was culled from the app store because they wouldn't give Apple 30% on continuing subscription fees.

                  And therein lies my problem with IOS, it restricts its users to a narrow acceptable band of usage, which is ironic given the company's image is all about just how pretentious and individual its users are, vs the squares using Microsoft. It seems great for small devs, so good for you guys. But this sort of Police State ecosystem is not good for consumers.

      What Apple product is overpriced? "Overpriced" means the price is considered too expensive by consumers, which obviously it is not based on their sales.

      Why wouldn't you want a company to be bringing out newer better products every year?

        Because it has not been a year since the iPad was released. This is like the iPhone 3gs all over again.

          Hey dood,
          iPad was *announced* January last year (february's almost gone no announcement yet) and was *released* in april...pretty sure it's been 12 months since the last ipad :P

        By bringing out 'new' versions of their products each year, they devalue the existing models. Not only that, but the number of problems and complaints that emerge with each new 'upgrade' are hilarious.

        And while the sheeple will continue to pay ~$1000 for a touch screen device with a measly 64Gb of storage memory, I'll be doing just fine with my laptop, or my PC, both of which can do so much more than an iPad for a lower cost. Many people who buy Apple products have been caught up by the marketing, without any real appreciation for the capabilities of the product, which is why they will pay the asking price.

          Because someone else finds the form factor and feature set of the iPad better for them than a laptop, it doesn't make them sheep.

          For many people the iPad is far superior to a laptop, it just suits them better.
          It turns on and is usable instantly.
          They don't have to fiddle with a small touchpad or use a mouse or other input device.
          They don't have to worry about viruses or maintenance software to keep the thing running smoothly.
          It is more portable and more social. (Sitting on a couch and looking at family photos is far less clunky on a tablet than on a laptop, just try handing a laptop to grandma or the kids)
          It is lighter.
          It has better battery life.
          It is easier to use.
          It is more 'personal' and feels less like being at work.
          It is easier to purchase and install applications.

          In other words, it is more like an appliance, what it does it does without waiting, and swiftly and elegantly and takes very little training to use and requires little maintenance and is not easily susceptible to malware/virus security concerns (for the home user).
          The fact that it has less capability on paper than a laptop is actually a benefit for many, just like driving a commodore or a falcon is better than driving an F1 car for the average joe.
          Sure the F1 car is faster, more powerful etc. but it doesn't suit daily driving.

          Less complexity isn't always a bad thing, for many the iPad is a more casual, fun and less hassle way to do a lot of what they like to do with 'computers', browse forums, look at pictures, socialise, play some games, lookup recipes or instructables etc.

          Owning one doesn't make you a sheep, it just means it suits a section of your lifestyle better than a laptop does.

            Well said Peter,

            "The Cracks" comments perfectly highlight why Apple has become the largest technology company in the world - because most people in the world simply don't give a shit how many 'gigabytes of storage memory' a digital device has or 'how much RAM it has'. The 'sheeple' are infact the normal people, and the vocal complainers are the nerds who are worried that we are entering an era where computers are no longer just their domain. Its the same fear that made hardcore games cry out against the wii.

        Not to mention the environmentally unsustainable, un-upgradable product cycle that is destroying the planet.

          True, but currently Apple products would be pretty much the most recyclable from a materials standpoint (glass and aluminium), and they also tend to sell well second hand, which delays their eventual demise.
          El-cheapo laptops and desktops tend to end up on the scrapheap and be made from less recyclable materials.

          But yes, consumerism is totally out of control.

      Why buy anything?

        There's a difference than getting your value out of a device and what Apple's doing.

        As many here are gamers, comparing it to consoles is most apt. A console's life is usually around 5 years, and it's still completely usable even once the next iteration comes out. It's replaced when it's simply too weak to run current software, the external development industry keeps console manufacturers on their toes. It's a product cycle based on necessity.

        Apple's yearly cycle however, is merely planned obsolescence. When their new devices come out, they would become sloppy with updates for older ones and try to nudge you over to the iPhone #5 etc as much as possible. Now if you use your old iPhone a year or so after its contract is finished, then more power to you and I wish more prudent people did this.

          Value is subjective though, I think the price of a modern phone is quite good value for one year's use. My console is for playing games on, which is important to me but not quite on the same level. I passed on my original iPhone to someone and they are still using it today just fine, so its entirely your choice to 'upgrade every year', it's not like they are designed to explode on the 366th day :D

          Many other manufacturers do exactly the same thing, and always have done - because it makes perfect business sense. Nokia starting running out of 4 digit numbers somewhere back in the 90's lol :D

      The iPad isn't overpriced, a year later and no-one has brought out a comparable product for less money. And they have *all* been trying.

      I do get tired of the knee jerk reaction that apple stuff is overpriced, you can argue the price merits of some of their products and as to whether design elements, the OS etc. make it worth it, but in the iPad's case, just on raw dollars, no-one has bested it yet, and they have had a year to do so.

        Its just the typical reaction from the same small vocal crowd though, and there is more than a good chance of running into that crowd on Kotaku! Its like people complaining that the new Audi R8 is 'overpriced' because its 0-100 time is the same as a Monaro that costs a quarter the price.

    iPhones hold their value quite well. You can still sell the iphone 3G 16GB for about $400-$450 easily. Even the original iphone goes for about $200-$250.

    Apple products are a rip off though. But I get one and keep it for a few years, not rush out every year like other people.

    ITT: Mac fanbois trying to justify that they know how to 'computer'..

    "they are AWESOME!"
    .. I know this cause the sales guy told me so..

    "What Apple product is overpriced?"
    I like this one.. overpriced actually means that it is more expensive that comparable products.. maybe not so much the ipad, but iMac and Mackbook hardware is overpriced..

    "They don’t have to worry about viruses or maintenance software to keep the thing running smoothly... It is easier to use.. It is more ‘personal’ and feels less like being at work.
    It is easier to purchase and install applications."
    Just lol..

    Looks like someone forgot to post 'It just works'.. looks like you guys are slipping..

    Macfags are like religious people.. they love to tell everyone how awesome their shit is but anyone with half a brain can see straight through them..

    BTW, I'd debate this subject with some maturity, but at the end of the day you'll still rush out to buy an iPad2 and Ill still think you are dicks..

      Oh dear...

      a) Most people aren't nerds, we don't care about computers and how they work. We don't have the time or inclination to deal with computers when they don't work. I work in the games industry, I have the best PC laptop you can buy but I can't think of anything worse than booting it up when I get home from work just to watch a movie or read kotaku, that is what a tablet is for because it doesn't feel like I'm at work.

      b) Products aren't compared on just their technical guts, if I want to buy a laptop with the same specs as a macbook but without being made of plastic and covered in shitty stickers and lights, where do I get one? A lot of people value aesthetics and consider it part of the 'value' of an object.

      I'd rather think kotaku was a better place than where people call each other fags :)

    Rice is very nice;
    Comes with a premium price
    Sometimes you pay thrice.

    This sums up Apple. Their products are decent in terms of spec and quality. You pay for the look and feel of an Apple product. The aluminum chassis, minimalistic look etc.

    I prefer to pay for features rather than looks. Once we get onto mice and keyboards however, that is a different story entirely.

    I am the proud owner of zero Apple devices and zero Apple software applications.
    Not that I have anything against them it is just that I have never used, needed or wanted them.
    Well a bit of an exageration, I think I had Quicktime installed once before there was a .mov codec, wow Movie must have been black and white! Just thought I'd share that as I had nothing of import to offer the pros or cons of this debate.
    But if you do feel trapped and addicted to Apple products and endless upgrading I am living proof that you can function (somewhat normally) without them.

      I think you sum it up perfectly by using the word 'codec'. :) If you know what a codec is, then you know more about computers than most people in the world - and can therefore deal with them easily when they screw up. Most people get frustrated with computers and don't like using them - which can be hard to understand if you're someone that uses them natively.

        9 posts from you in this thread..

        Why do you feel the need to do so much defending of the Apple and its iPad?

        You aren't clearing up any misconceptions.. if anything you are creating them..

        I stand by my statement.. You'll run out and buy iPad 2 on release day.. I mean, it'll be well designed and easy to use for non tech minded people, right? How could you not get one straight away when it'll be 10% more awesome than last years model.. And me, I'll still think you (you being Apple fanboys in general) are wankers..

          Oh Im just fascinated by how you guys think! As a developer it's really interesting, although I'd love to get you all in a room and discuss it properly rather than through a highly combustible forum. - that being said I might still think you're a nerd and you think I'm a wanker but at least we'd probably be less likely to say it :D haha

          Unfortunately for you guys, I think we are entering a world where people care less about what's inside a computer and how it works, and care more about what it looks like and what it does. :)

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