Apple's New, Fourth-Generation iPad Gets Double Graphics Power

Surprise! Apple today announced a brand new fourth-generation iPad that will be significantly more powerful than the last one.

Showing off the new hardware's specs at a press conference today, Apple's Phil Schiller said it will have a ten-hour battery life and significantly more powerful graphics than the iPad 3, announced in March.

It will use an A6 chip — with double the performance of the third iPad's A5 chip, Apple says — and the Lightning connector pin announced last month with the iPhone 5. The fourth-gen iPad will also have the same price and configurations as the third iPad. It comes in both black and white.


    Yep Apple officially worse than Capcom

      How long do you think it'll take them to release an iPad with preinstalled apps on it you can't use until you've bought them?

        You buy the license to use content in specific ways, just because said content is on a piece of plastic you own, it doesn't mean you own the right to do whatever you want with the content. For example, you own a disc with part of a game on it that you haven't bought the right to play. It's really not very difficult.

          I really like it, it lets you see which companies are worth supporting.

    Apple never defines what they mean when they say something like "doubled graphics performance", oh and how many times have they 'doubled' their 'graphics performance' now? Funny how these engineering feats always coincide with their keynotes, regardless of their irregularity (yearly or biannually), and that it's always a psychologically-satisfying multiplier like 2. It's never 1.7x graphics performance, or even 2.1x graphics performance. Always 2x. Moore's Law be damned!

    'Doubled Graphics' is PR mumbo-jumbo since Apple's OS/hardware integration makes it virtually impossible for anyone to perform a benchmark test, even to compare iOS devices between gen. So we have no idea what metric they used to define this nebulous term. Hell, that diagram doesn't even have Y-axis units (I assume it's "number of iPad 3/s" but I might be wrong).

    Come on guys, I can roll with your marketing BS but throw me a bone here. Apple's keynotes are insulting to the intellect because because they assume we're fooled by it and will automatically line up at the Apple store like pigs at the trough.

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      Actually they do, doubled graphics performance means doubled graphics performance. These "double the power" claims are very well backed up by real world tests in most of their previous products


        Graphics chips aren't that simple. What does 2x mean? Did they double the clock speed? Put 2 dies on the same chip? Double the cores? Increase the number of shading processors? Geometry processors? A combination of adjustments to the previous design?

        And does it actually result in double the power in all rendering situations?

      Indeed. Some actual info would give an article like this a point, otherwise there's no reason the info contained here can't just be a sentence in another article about new Apple junkz.

    Normally Apple do these announcements once a year. This one did come out of he blue. So I got to thinking "What's Apple up to?"

    Then it dawned. Microsoft Surface/Windows 8 is out in two days. Guess who's parade they're trying to rain on?

      The existence of the Nexus 7 and revised Kindle HD can't hurt either.

    So.,.. that's it? A spec boost? Apple must be pretty desperate to overshadow the Nexus and the Surface.

    I have an iPad 3 and I am loving the games on it.. there are already a few games slated for release soon that have been in development for a while specicially for the Retina display. The thing is, developers aren't going to suddenly stop supporting the iPad 3.. too many people own them to alienate that market.. it's the same for iPad 2.

    "for those that don't understand, this graph represents the concept of 'double' "

      See it went from 1 graphics performance to 2!

    Holy shit.. :L! apple just gets worse..

    Lets face it guys... with stats like these the only thing that people are caring about is the number after the I{product type} XX... Apple to me is probably the greatest marketing company ever. but when it comes to technology... not so

    So is this "the New New iPad", "the New iPad 2" or are we just going with "iPad 4"? I vote for calling it "the Yet Another F*****g iPad".

    how do people have such stupid amounts of disposable income that they can support a 6monthly upgrade cycle?? Worse thing about ipad mini - yet another freaking size i have to worry about when designing... yay.

      The iPad Mini's 7.6 inch screen and 1024x768 @176DPI resolution shouldn't pose that much of a problem...

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        oh thats ok, I assumed it would be a different res again - so its a mini but sharper ipad 2 - I thought it was going to be a step towards the size/res woes of android.

        As an aside - this ipad announcement really cooled my interest in the iphone 5, wouldn't be surprised if the "5S" isn't far off...

          If your'e complaining about designing for the resolution/aspect ratio and you haven't bothered to find out that its no different, I'm highly suspect of your design credentials.

            Since you haven't bothered to register "markd" - if that is your real name! I'm highly suspect of your commenting credentials... oh no you di-n't :P

    Wow, there's so much hate for the announcement of a slightly better product that is optional to buy.

    If you think it's bad, if you think it's a waste of money, just ignore it.

    I own an ipad 3 and this product doesn't interest me. It's that simple.

      It seems to me it's more the annoyance of another pointless article that could be summed up in a single sentence in one of the other Apple articles.

        If that's the case, why even bother to come to this site? If a new console gets a significant boost in power, how is that not worth an article? Also, if you want, you could have just read the headline and not visited the article itself.

          You're missing the point. If a console got a boost in graphics power they'd talk about how it achieved that in some detail.

          I clicked on the article cause I expected there would be some info about the devices supposedly doubled graphics power, but the article is just "It has double the new power cause of this chip. The chip has double the power of the old chip because it does." How does it achieve that? How did they test it?

          Jiff made a great post above, since you missed it...
          "Graphics chips aren't that simple. What does 2x mean? Did they double the clock speed? Put 2 dies on the same chip? Double the cores? Increase the number of shading processors? Geometry processors? A combination of adjustments to the previous design?

          And does it actually result in double the power in all rendering situations?"

          I agree this article would be worth it if it contained some detail. It doesn't though, and therefor is pretty bloody superfluous.

            Yeah agreed if there was more information or a benchmark they could be running and giving information on specifics it'd be great - I'm sure that will happen when we get our hands on it. In the meantime, reporting on the only information they have is fine by me, the few seconds of my life it took to read and find out what was said by the manufacturer at the press event didn't overly disturb me :)

    What a useful graph!

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