See How Portal’s Heroine Has Changed

See How Portal’s Heroine Has Changed

Chell, the player’s character in Portal, was never really the star of the game. You barely even saw what she looked like. Seems that approach is out the window for Portal 2.

French PC mag Canard features Chell on the cover of its latest issue, and the dorky, jumpsuit-clad lass with the funny robot chicken leg boots is looking a lot less dorky. She now looks more like Ripley with a portal gun. Which, when you put it that way, is a badass combination.

You can see the full cover below. Portal 2 will be out on PC, Mac, PS3 and Xbox 360 in April.




  • I once checked out the Chell model in Portal via the Source SDK
    She had this unrested, tortured, brink-of-a-nervous-breakdown look to her eyes, which I thought was perfect given her situation
    While the new Chell is more attractive, can’t say she conveys the same emotion..

  • She’s still wearing the jumpsuit, just for some inexplicable reason she’s taken the top part off and tied it around her waist. Seems to me that would make things pretty awkward.

    • From what we’ve seen of Portal 2, the lab has been overtaken by jungle-like growth, suggesting a fairly warm climate. That, plus how much running around Chell does, it’s not unreasonable to think that she took the top part of the jumpsuit off to stay cool.

    • The reason she has the top half off is because I’m sure it’s uncomfortable, also, I’m sure its warmer now, and I’m sure no one has looked at the A/C’s in a while, much less repaired them 😛

      The reason the bottom is still on is likely due to it not being able to be removed. They redesigned the Knee replacements to be boots (see the free Portal 2 valentine’s cards with Chell on them) and they are likely unable to be removed, therefore neither are the pant parts of her suit.

    • Stop kidding yourselves with intellectual justification; there’s only one reason why a female video game character decides to wear less clothing, and its not for practical purposes.

  • How refreshing it is to see a female game character with perfectly normal, human-sized breasts.

    I’m currently playing through Valkyria Chronicles II and every female character has been given a pair of DDs. In a game starring school children. Yes, this includes the 13 year old girl. That’s right, she was drawn with a pair of creepily perky breasts.

  • Also, her boobs aren’t small, people. She just doesn’t have insanely huge chesticls like most other female game characters. Valve has a way of making attractive, but not abnormally attractive woman who are unsexualized in their designs, (see Alyx Vance having normal sized boobs and not wearing a pushup bra and tight, lowcut shirt, and Zoey hgaving normal sized boobs, and wearing a loose sweatshirt)

    Chell is still hot, possibly the hottest female in any Valve game. And she is leagues better then her original design in Portal.

  • I thought the story for Portal2 is set hundreds of years later hence the lab is overgrown with vegetation.
    How is she alive or relevant for p2??

    • I’m not sure if it’s been explicitly stated but it’s implied knowledge that GLaDOS or whatever, treating Chell as an important asset or favourite toy put her in stasis/cryo.

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