Swedish Teens Trade Energy Drinks For Cocaine

According to Swedish reports, cops in the city of Helsingborg suspect that fifteen teens have moved beyond energy drinks to stay awake while gaming and are snorting cocaine. Apparently, these youngsters have too much money.

Swedish paper the Metro is blowing the incident out of proportion, alerting readers of a new trend — you know, the one in which kids do lines all night to play video games, instead of drinking Red Bull. Well, the kids would've been drinking energy drinks, if only they hadn't been banned in Sweden to kids under the age of 15. The ban came about after Swedish youths were drinking too many energy drinks, skipping meals and some even dying. Hey, there's always coffee, kids.

What's more, one pundit says that because gamers are isolated at home and playing with others online, it's difficult to know exactly how many Swedish kids are gaming cokeheads. There could be many more!

Maybe there are teenagers doing coke and playing video games. But there are probably way more adults doing it and not playing video games at all, but talking people's ears off.

Ungdomar byter Redbull mot kokain [BrutalCS Thanks, Sebastian!][Pic]


    Um, that article is in Swedish so we can't really judge for ourselves...

    But it does look like another "gaming is driving kids to do EVIL!" news story. Mixed in with some bugbears about how, of course, kids are now drug-addled, introverted, unhealthy, crackhead sociopaths.

    Might want to add "drug addicts" to the worlds misconception of the gaming world, along with anti-social, murdering psychopaths lol

    Wow, a whole 15 teens using coke, based upon chat logs, because of course teens never exaggerate or lie in chat channels.

    They 'suspect' them? So, there's no been no verifiable cocaine use? That's not a story; that's not having a story, but printing it anyway!

    and whats to say these 15 teens were not already using cocaine before the ban?

    15 is not really a large number and i'd expect the real number to be higher with or without the ban on energy drinks.

    Good Lord, can you imagine how bad the lag must seem when you're on coke?

    To quote excellent Scottish skit comedy show Chewing the Fat: "Oi can definitely smell shite".

      WHAAA! You watch Chewing The Fat? The Big Man is my hero.

    That's the best idea they could come up with under 'Fun Things to Do while Busted Up on Coke?'

    Pfft, youth of today.

    Here it comes, I can see the media headlines now.
    "Gaming, its a gateway drug!"

      lol beaten to the punch. Exactly what I was goin to say

    Penn & Teller should do a Bullshit! episode on Gaming & Drugs now, they already did Games & Violence. Informative bunch those 2.

    Doesn't everybody do coke while gaming? Thought that was the norm?

    I knew those energy drinks were a gateway drug, RedBull gives you wings? More like a nose powdering!

    /sarcasm. ;)

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