This Week In Games

This Week In Games

This Week In GamesTest Drive Unlimited 2 is probably the biggest game on the release schedule this week – unless you’re nine years old, in which case you’ll be running mad rings around your parents begging for a copy of Ben 10: Alien Destruction.

Ben 10: Alien Destruction – PS3/Nintendo Wii What Is It? Remember Thundercats? Well, in 15 years time kids today will be ‘remembering’ Ben 10, and how awesome it was. We’ll still think it was shit. Should You Care? Only if you have children, in which case you will rightly fear the release of every new Ben 10 game.

Dr Kawashima’s Body And Brain Connection – 360 What Is It? Some kind of mincey game that, we’re presuming, helps you connect your body and brain in some Frankenstein fashion. Should You Care? Probably not.

Lords of Arcana – PSP What Is It? Wait a minute… wasn’t this supposed to come out last week. Should you care? Not really my thing to be honest…

Mindjack – PS3/360 What Is It? A futuristic shooter that’s probably as generic as it sounds. Should You Care? Ubisoft has been strangely quiet on this one – which doesn’t bode well.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 – PS3/360/PC What is it? Open world racer – sequel to the successful Test Drive Unlimited. Should You Care? Suppose so – not much in the way of big racers releasing over the next couple of months.

Trinity Souls Of Zill – PS3 What Is It? An obscure Japanese RPG. Should You Care? I had honestly never heard of this game until two seconds ago. Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad


  • I really want TDU2. Thing is, I have a copy of TDU still sitting unused. I tried installing the thing ages ago, but I got all flummoxed because I found out I needed to pay for some other gamespy account. I was like surely this cant be, but never finished installing it or finding out what the deal was.

    I see there is a Pagani Zonda pre-order bonus car on Steam. At $40.00 US its a tempting offer…… hmmmm

  • Mindjack has been on the shelf at my local gametraders for the better part of three weeks now,and yes,it’s pretty bad.

  • Looking forward to TDU2. It looks great, but there’s been some mixed opinions, like they’ve put too much time into the socializing aspect and not enough in the driving.

  • There’s a demo of trinity Souls on PSN. It seemed, umm… functional. There’s a lack of RPGs for the PS3, so it may scratch someone’s itch.

    Was looking forward to TDU2 until they showed videos (way back in November) of DLC that’ll be available on day 1 (casino areas, from memory). Then it made my sh*tlist.

    • I find quite a bit of RPG’s on PS3 this year. There’s Hyperdimension Neptunia out this month in NA and Ar Tonelico Qoga next month. Along with Disgaea 4 and Agarest Zero later in the year.

  • Wait, TDU2 is coming out? Man, last time I read about it, the release date was “ages away”…

    Eh, I’ll get it eventually. All the preorder deals are for crap cars anyway. Like JB has the Porsche Panorama? I’d prefer to pay for that car to NOT be in the game and make my eyes bleed…

  • Best current prices for Test Drive Unlimited 2:

    PS3: JB HI-FI – $89
    360: JB HI-FI – $89
    PC: JB HI-FI – $74

    PS3: Play Asia – $49.70
    360: Play Asia – $49.70
    PC: Oz Game Shop – $39.99

  • Mindjack – you know people talk about FPS being an overused genre but really it’s Third Person Shooters which are all but played out. You really have to do something interesting with this genre now to catch my attention. Games like War for Cybertron, Monday Night Combat, Vanquish were 3PS’ that introduced fresh mechanics and a different feel, Mindjack looks like Quantum Theory 2 for all its generic-ness

    • Playing Vanquish now, such a joy. A feast for the eyes too. I only wish it took the melee combat an extra mile to make it more Casshern-like, which was the inspiration. Remember that concept robotic dog that was attached to the suit? If only they left it in.

      Games like Mirror’s Edge prove that FPS has a lot of ideas left and I completely agree that a 3PS needs to be VERY eyecatching to glance twice at it.

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