More Concept Art From Mass Effect: Andromeda

More Concept Art From Mass Effect: Andromeda

For all its flaws, Mass Effect: Andromeda at times can be a bloody pretty game. But it’s not just the final product – the concept art is pretty damn gorgeous too.

A whole bunch of concept art went online earlier today, courtesy of Bioware concept artist Ben Lo.

You can view the full gallery – and there’s an awful lot – over at Lo’s ArtStation page. It’s pretty exhaustive, covering characters, space exploration, ship design, planet design, vaults and the Hyperion in the early phases.

You can check out more over at ArtStation.


  • …aaand they didn’t even end up creating more than one face for Asari, Turian or Krogan let alone families for each of the races.

  • Love the krogan carrying all the tiny krogan, well all the art with kids actually. They really need to have some human and alien kids in a game soon. Also love that its mordin teaching those salarian kids.

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