Underground MMA Game Adds Female Fighters To The Card

Supremacy MMA, the underground fighter coming in late spring, will deliver something the two other mixed martial arts console titles don't have: women on the fight card.

Michele 'Diablita' Gutierrez, a former boxer who has transitioned to MMA, and Felice 'Lil Dog' Herrig, who was featured on Fight Girls on the Oxygen network, will be a part of the game.

Supremacy MMA is a kind of hybrid game whose pitchman, former lightweight champ Jens Pulver, considers more of a fighting-genre game than a sports simulation. Its graphic depiction of blood and broken bones militarized MMA fans who remember the lawless days that gave the sport a bad mainstream rep before big promotions like the UFC cleaned it up. Indeed, New York state has legislation pending that would ban the sport.

So it'll be interesting - that phrase is a euphemistic dodge, of course - how this game treats female combatants, and how games customers and the public at large react to that. One YouTube video showing a guy beating a girl bloody gets out, and we have the potential for some serious shit here.

Supremacy MMA has Boobs [IGN]


    This is absolutely revolting. What sick man-children want to see women being beaten to a pulp. Women were not made to fight but rather for the noble purpose of harvesting the seed of man and child rearing.

    This is a sign of the decline of our once great society.

      Well M. Atkinson, gamers must just be horrible horrible people to play a game like this, should be banned for being R18+, shows that gamers are more threatening and dangerous than biker gangs

    DoA Volleyball?

      Nah the ex-attorney general had a thing for jiggle physics..

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