We Got An Armored Core V Trailer Incoming!

You've seen the screens, so now watch the trailer. No, really. Do it.


    I expected a full on cinematic with orchestral music like before, but pre-rendered is ice too.

    Things go boom.

    Mech porn ftw. Trailer seems predictable in a "we're just gonna keep on making the same game with better graphics" kinda way.

    Wow the last bit looked so real.

      Check out the intros for AC4 and For Answer.

    I wish they'd make another damn Chromehounds... and release it on PS3 lol.

      I know right! Chrome Hounds (I think) was heaps better. Even though I'm an Armored Core fan myself.

    I've never been able to finish an Armoured Core game, thanks to the controls.

    It's just too messed up.

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