A Drug That Could Make You Grow Sensory Whiskers (and Penis Spines)

Only a few molecules separate you from having sensory whiskers and penis spines. That's right - evolution has cheated you out of those whiskers that make your cat a super-sensor and the spines that, well, make your penis super-sensitive. A study published today in Nature reveals that human DNA still bears traces of genes that could, if tinkered with slightly, cause the next generation of Homo sapiens to have new sensory organs. And penis spines. How would that work?

The researchers who conducted this study wanted to know whether there were any obvious spots on the human genome that could explain why we are so different from our chimp cousins, whose genomes are so similar to ours. After a lot of analysis, they discovered that there are 510 spots on the human genome that look like chimp DNA - except with a few key deletions. And most of these deletions are in areas of "regulatory DNA," bits of the genome that can control other bits, often by turning genes on or off. You could say that our genome has deleted the switches that activate chimp-like traits.

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    What the heck is a penis spine?

      IDK but all I can think of is a Headgehog

      Imagine your penis is actually a hedgehog. There you go.

        my penis as Ron Jeremy?! double gross.

      A baculum, literally a staff or stick. It's a penile bone present in some mammals allowing them for copulate for an extended period of time to insure that they reproduce and another male doesn't. Chimps have them and so do whales.

      You have asked a question that nobody with knowledge would dare answer, and that nobody without knowledge would dare look up themselves.


      i believed its something similar that felines have ( barbed, Google it).

      One hell of a boner.

      One awesome genetic trait.

    Great news! I lost my penis spine in a forklift accident. Now I can buy a new one with the compo!

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