A Stand For The DualShock 3 To Rest And Recharge

The DualShock 3 hasn't had an official place to call its own. Until now.

When charging the controller, players typically just connect it to the PS3 via its controller cable and perhaps leave it on the floor or place it on the console or something.

Third party companies do have charging stand solutions. And this April, Sony will, too. The electronics giant is releasing an official charging stand on April 21 in Japan. It's able to charge two controllers and is priced at ¥2,480.

Oh, and Sony's also rolling out a new DualShock 3 colour on the same day — "Candy Blue". So there's that, too.

No word yet on a Western release.


    Better a few years late than never, I guess.

    I will pick one up provided they are not ridiculously expensive.

    Or just charge it on your laptop on the table in front of you, since it's USB charging and all. Worked for me hehe :)

    Funny it looks like the one I brought at Game, are Sony now copying 3rd party peripherals?

    The energizer one is fine, will stick with that as it keeps my USB ports in my PS free :)

    Doesn't Sony sell the PS3 Slim vertical stand (a piece of plastic) for $30 USD? Not surprised at all.

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