Aussie Customs On The Lookout For Mortal Kombat Imports

Aussie Customs On The Lookout For Mortal Kombat Imports

Aussie Customs On The Lookout For Mortal Kombat ImportsJames Kozanecki over at Gamespot has spoken to a spokesperson from the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, who has confirmed that Mortal Kombat has been added to its list of prohibited items and that gamers who import could be subject to a fine of up to three times the cost of the game.

“Customs and Border Protection works closely with Attorney General’s Department to identify imported games that are banned in Australia,” claimed the spokesperson. “This includes games purchased over the internet from foreign websites…

“Any copies of the games detected at the border, including via international mail, will be seized.”

Aussie customs to seize Mortal Kombat imports [Gamespot]


  • Sounds like a challenge to me.

    I have to find a very very loose man to smuggle the game in for me. How big is the collectors edition??

  • …. facepalming realy hard right now.

    ok, australia. so you dont have a r-18 rating… ok, you dont alow mortal kombat to be sold here. australians have two options now, import, or pirate.
    then, you tell them you will fine them if they import..

    brilliant work, now everyone is just gonna pirate it.

    not that i wanted the game, but its just idiotic for this to be happening.

    • Don’t forget your old friends Steam and D2D 🙂

      Steam will probably not list it on their site for Aussies, but there is always region ip unlocking on Steam if you happen to travel internationally a lot and happen to let them know that you do 🙂

  • Thank you very much Gamespot for not only spouting the damned obvious (ie. customs will seize restricted items if they bother to actually inspect your parcels)

    But for also putting a damned target on the new MK. People have been importing games for donkey’s years in au whether via eBay or online shops. And I have yet to see anyone busted/fined for importing games..

    Mainly because of the fact that in the grand scheme of things video games are the LEAST of border controls problems… (drugs, weapons, etc.)

    But hey why not give them a heads up and say target these game imports instead?

    People will want to get their hands on this game and if the semi-gray area of imports are closed off can you guess what au players will turn to?

    The good news is… judging from the article it just sounds like standard answer to “if we find anything illegal in your parcel” script… instead of an actual red cross hair on game imports =/

    • The profile of this one pretty much already ensured that they’d pay more attention to it than they otherwise would. That said, your chances are still pretty good because prohibited video games are fairly low on the list of customs priorities.

    • I hear next year they’re banning cars. People die in accidents you know. Don’t worry, we’re all going to be assigned “bumper cars” like at carnivals.

      Also, incase anybody falls over when they get out of their car we’re going to have to wear bubblewrap duct taped around ourselves and a protective mask with a smell filter so we won’t be offended with the way cities smell like urine.

  • Remember that other country and regime that decided they didn’t like the content of another medium and decided to prosecute anyone obtaining them? Hint: its was Germany and the Nazis

      • Our chief weapon is surprise. That’s it, just surprise.

        What about fear?

        Oh yes alright alright alright, Surprise and Fear.

  • so they are going to spend resources that could be used finding drugs,weapons etc and instead devote their manpower to stopping the importation of a video game

  • I see this as just being an attempt to deterr people, x-ray devices wouldn’t pick up whether or not its actually Mortal Kombat, just that it’s a disc in a case. Could be a DVD and any variety of game.

    I very much doubt they will check every single package with a disc in it.

    Otherwise, going overseas and smugglin’ it up your butt is still a viable option.

    • Yeah. I think this is just the standard response when asked for a comment about importing pretty much anything you’re not meant to. After all they can’t turn around and say ‘unless the sender is dumb enough to write Mortal Kombat (that banned game) on the tracking slip it’ll probably get through’. Pretty much the only thing they can do is say they’re cracking down and hope to scare people off.

      Plus it’s customs we’re talking about. There’s no money in stopping games coming in, and there’s no harm that can be directly traced back to them letting a game in, so no matter what they say Mortal Kombat is never going to be high on their list of priorities.

    • all they need to know is known online stores, if it has a disc in it, then they may check it. I know for a fact when windows 7 came out, and we got our free upgrade, customs opened up the envelope with the windows 7 software upgrade to check it, and even put phamplets in there to show what they do, why they do it (though its pretty much to say we are doing our job)

      besides, dont most stores have an option to make special requests? (not sure how far they would go, but they could do something?)

  • on behalf of all Aussie gamers:


    Seriously, see what this has done, without an R18 rating people will result into getting it pirated which makes just BUYING THE GAME LEGALLY not that bad.

    If this country allowed previous MK’s and even movies like Saw (that has an MA15+ RATING?!) in here then why not this?


    The only bad thing here is that the ACB not getting off their lazy fat arse and giving us an R18 rating. Its not that that hard!

    Sure it would probably take a year to implement, but I can wait! Just announce it that we are getting R18 rating and I’ll breathe easier because that means that we won’t need to worry about future banning.


      • I just hope Duke doesn’t get axed as well.

        It might happen the same way as L4D2 did, you could pre-order it but within just weeks of release it got axed and was re-released as a “craptacular” version.

      • straight up in 2010 the gaming industry earned 3 times the ammount that thje movie and music industry made put together.. How can Australia be so backwards and stupid not to have an r18 rating when the gaming industry is such a huge market.. I’ll admit right now, because of this i have downloaded mk as a torrent and will be burning and playing it. Fuck you australian politicians

  • Expected, but they really don’t have the time to go through everything and the dogs can’t smell Mortal Kombat (well, at least I don’t think they can…)

    Just be aware that FedEx/UPS/etc. always declare [stuff] with customs and that your best chance is with standard int. mail, even though they’re trying to scare people away from it.

    I’ll probably try and get MK ~2 months after release.

  • The problem is though, how many packages are actually checked, and what’s the chance of it being one specific game? Adding to that, every game I’ve bought has “optical media” written on the declaration. So add DVD’s to that!

    Unless I’m completely wrong and they have a much cooler way of working out whats inside a package these days 😛

  • As stated above the x/ray scanners can’t tell what game it is. Play-Asia always put generic terms on their shipping labels (for standard shipping) like “toys” or “DVD”. L4D2 and others made their way to my home without any issues.

    • Really? My friend’s already ordered an import. I’m a bit worried he might get slapped with this fine for ordering it. But it sounds as though it may not be such an issue from what you wrote?

  • I dont think customs has the energy to individually check each package, i could be wrong though they are pretty extremely petty people

  • Awesome news! While customs is busy checking your parcels for MK disks, I’m going to import a few kg of Coke and live the high life!

  • Ok I’m really confused. I thought that it was ok to import RC’d games? So long as you aren’t buying them or selling them in aus? Could someone clarify this for me? I’ve been hearing so many different stories, like the laws are different in my state (WA).

  • I believe Customs examine ~10% of parcels. But I remember when GTA something came out, they apparently paid particular attention to DVD-sized mail from NZ and HK, two places people tend to import RC games from.

    Of course, that’s all second-hand internet talk, but it’s certainly what I’d do if I was them.

  • Just so we’re clear here – is it 3 times the cost of Australian retail rip-off pricing? or 3 times what we would have paid importing it from a country with reasonable pricing.

    • The article says “three times the value of the product, or A$110,000, which ever is greater”. So unless you plan to import more than $36,000 worth of Mortal Kombat, why do you care?

      That said, I doubt they would try to apply a fine that large unless you were importing commercial quantities of the game.

      • As James suggests, making a distinction between how much you paid for it versus the Australian market value is relatively insignificant when you look laws surrounding the penalties.

        I preface this by stating that I am not a lawyer, nor do I have any legal background. I have simply followed the trail of information. This should not be taken as legal advice.

        As the article states, RC’d content is considered “objectionable material” under regulation 4A of Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations (1956). The penalty for doing so is outlined in 233AB(2) of the Customs Act (1901) as “3 times the value of those goods; or 1,000 penalty units; whichever is greater.”

        “Penalty units” are currently defined as $110 by section 4AA(1) of the Crimes Act (1914), which is how the $110,000 figure is derived.

        As for commercial quantities, I remember seeing the numbers of 25 or greater being dealt with differently. But I can’t recall where I saw it.

  • Meanwhile, smugglers of all manner of dangerous material get away with peddling their wares.

    Such a brilliant job you’re doing Customs -_-

  • My feeling is customs don’t give a crap about that coming in. My reasoning is the last time I checked people were still bringing a gazillion pirated dvds from bali/thailand into the country after a holiday. Sure they are legal movies but also very stolen.

  • this is PATHETIC fromt he AUS GOVERNMENT!!!!!

    they cant do that cause it has only be refused CC not banned… so there is no way they can take the game off you. and you’ll be able to take them to court over it aswell and you’ll WIN!!!!
    so i’m going to import it and if tyhey try and take it, it sgoing to be there asses!!

  • They said the same thing about Fallout 3, nothing ever came of it.

    Import to your heart’s delight.

  • just get friends in america or whereever you get it to send it over on unmarked DVDs. 90% of the time customs wont do anything unless its clearly marked on the boxed.

    Case in point, i had a small 15cm replica battle rfile from halo 3 get held up by customs just because the box had AR53-ASSULT RIFLE. the box wasnt even 30cm in withd. I was imformed about it and verbally told them to open the box. needless to say when they saw what it was they felt like idiots and quickly shipped it to me.

  • Living in this country sucks now. What a joke! So much for freedom. Everyone should still try to import it!

  • I’d like to know exactly how old these board members are. They would have to be late 50s because there are many more damaging things to children than getting their hands on a mortal kombat game. Also what parent out there DOESN’T know that mortal kombat is a horrificly unsuitable game for children?

    All they have done is force people who would of bought, and supported this game to pirate it and hurt the industry all over the world.

    • it’s irrelevant what else is out there to harm children.

      There job is solely to enforce the rules as they have been laid out. A group of 20 year olds should come to the same conclusion on MK, when it comes to giving it a rating if they were to apply the rules as opposed to desires.

      I mean by the logic that there is bad stuff that can muck children up. everything should be straight up legal.

      oh and the only way it’s gonna hurt the industy is by people learning about how to pirate coupled with the fact that in most cases once one starts pirating it normally means the online features are lost on consoles so they may as well keep on doing it

  • While I’m not sure of the scope of the AG powers as pertains to customs regulations, the AG department is able to issue exemptions for restricted goods such as RC games on request.

    Since McClelland has been behind the push for the introduction of a R18 ratings system, and since Mortal Kombat has been rated R18 overseas is it possible he could relax the import restrictions on the game and allow for personal ownership? Has this ever been tried?

    Ownership would still be subject to state laws, all which which allow ownership of RC content except for WA.

  • Has anyone ever had a game siezed by customs before? I would have thought that if they had they’d make enough noise that there’d be a kotaku story about it.

  • hmmm, I’ll still be trying and will not be cancelling my import pre-order. Besides, they have to say that stuff (its government PR for goodness sake) it doesn’t mean when the time comes they will actually follow it up.

  • Now just for a bit of balance to the comments, oh and I have imported RC games from NZ before.
    Whether you agree with it or not (and I don’t), the game has been refused classification and is now illegal for Australians to obtain. If you don’t like it move to another country, piss and moan to your local MP, or break the law and risk the consequences.
    You cannot pick and choose which laws to obey just because you don’t agree with them.
    I like going through red lights in the wee hours and cheating on my tax return, I know it is illegal and if I get caught I’ll pay the penalty.

    • I am pretty sure it is a civilians duty to challenge laws that most people would deem to be ridiculous or too severe etc. Just because it is a law, doesn’t mean that you should follow it, within reason. Did you have any input into said laws? No. Case closed.

  • I’ve imported at least 80 games over the years, and only ever had Customs open a package once, and that was because the box was labelled as a video game, but there was a small plush toy pack-in extra. I’ve also had well over a hundred packages with models and never had one opened. The only time that the postal service ever interfered with a DVD package was when the box was so badly damaged when they received it that they had to try and repair it with tape. I think the bulk of their inspection is simply to xray and make sure the manifest and the screen match up. They simply don’t have the manpower to screen video games when there’s people trying to sneak drugs and live rattlesnakes into the country.They might do a crackdown when the game releases, but I’d wager that if you waited a few months you wouldn’t have problems. A much bigger issue is that a lot of the bigger companies (eg Play-Asia) appear to be refusing to ship it to Australia.

  • Challenge Accepted, Border Security.
    Next week on Border Security, there will be frustrated gamers trying to smuggle Mortal Kombat into the country.

  • here’s an idea, just change the cover with barbies pony adventure, and hey presto, it’ll be let in!

    • I imagine hundreds (or thousands) of copies of Barbie Pony Adventure coming through customs at the same time would be pretty suss

  • I never had any trouble importing anything that was RC’d until I put 2 games in one package, bringing the price over $100.
    This makes me think that perhaps they only check parcels of >$100 value?
    Pretty much all from PlayAsia btw, 1 from CD WOW.


    Scrolling down a bit, it can be seen that according to Conroy himself, it is not illegal for me to possess RC material here in NSW, as long as I do not possess it with the intention of selling it.

    Unless that’s changed, and unless Customs doesn’t abide by the usual presumption of innocence mechanism that I was under the impression I was entitled to as an Australian citizen, how are they legally allowed to fine me for importing an RC game?

  • Actually, I can answer my own question. According to the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956, section (1A) (c), a computer game is considered objectionable material, and thus illegal to import, if it is not suitable for play by persons under the age of 18.

    So it’s not just the classification legislation we need to change, we also need to change our damn import laws.

  • So since there are no more drugs/bombs/knives/weapons that are coming into the country, they can now focus on razor sharp discs that contain the spawn of the devil inside them, just so they can protect ADULTS from an ADULT game that didn’t get through a draconian ratings system that has made Australia the laughing stock of the entertainment world.

    Dear Australian Government.

    Grow a fucking brain and give us an ADULT rating that lets ADULTS play ADULT games!

    The Australian People.

  • I don’t see why customs would care about this.

    Just because it’s banned for sale in Australia, does that make it illegal for us to own a copy, or to bring the title into the country for personal use? We still have a right to own the title… don’t we???

  • Surely most people know someone in NZ. Just send them the cash and get them to put the game in a Viva Pinata case with the MK leaflet behind the Pinata one. game only costs like $5 max

  • So let’s just be clear what’s going on here: border protection officers are legally empowered to seize weapons, drugs, explosives, child pr0n… and video games. The same video games that are freely available, advertised and available in mainstream department stores in New Zealand, the UK and America. These are now considered as dangerous and must be seized by the authorities as readily as heroin and machine guns.

    Australia, you are fucking retarded.

    Oh, and by the way: Challenge accepted.

  • Just a quick word from me to the ACB if they read these forums. I thank you so very much for telling me what I can and what I cannot play in my own home and a game such as Mortal Kombat a game that the rating system was apparantly created for and the like. I would also like to thank the many import shops that now see ip’s that are australian based stating that they will not ship to our specific region even though you need to be at least 18 to have a debit, credit card or even a paypal account. I would also like to thank the many people at customs spending their hard earned time protecting Australia not from drugs or weapons coming through our borders but from a few copies of a game that legally we should have the right to play. I would also like to pass on the thanks to the many retailers that are going to lose thousands if not billions of dollars to either shady importers and ebayers thus losing genuine sales to these people. And lastly thank you to those that were wiling to import such as myself until i read that article and actually supported WB but may now have to pirate and ruin potential sales to a great franchise but I guess if it wasn’t gunna be relased then there would be no sale to begin with?

  • If they are keeping an eye out for DVD sized packaging from NZ or HK then a Kollectors Edition from the states should be safe *fingers crossed*? Either way, I’m taking the risk

  • I order ALL my games from overseas and not one has had any evidence of being opened by customs.

    As if they are going to start opening every single package marked “video game software” that comes through customs.

  • I can just see the headline now. “customs seizes Mortal Kombat, but puzzled by 1.3kg of cocaine slipping through”

    Seriously… its kinda pathetic, If we cant buy the game legally and cant import then the only option is to pirate. I can see some sort of video game black market.

    I think customs have better things to look out for then video games.

  • Wow, so torrents of the game are gonna be busy whilst the few daft enough to import it lose their copies, huh?

  • Someone help me out here. During the who L4D 2 debacle I was led to believe that RC classification games were illegal to SELL in Aus, but NOT Illegal to own. I assume that means importing and Digital Distribution.

    Can anyone shed some light on that?

  • It’s shitty, but it’s also a given, and calling customs or the government fascist just makes you sound like a 13 year old raging against their parents for grounding them. If you want to games and gamers to be taken seriously, and if you want to be treated like adults, start acting like one – I know it’s the internet, but throwing tantrums and juvenile insults at faceless government bodies makes the rest of us look like idiots.

  • If WB are smart they’ll release a digital version on the US PSN/XBL stores. Then we can just buy some US PS store credit and download it from there, thus bypassing customs and our laughable ratings system. It’d be cheaper than buying it locally, too. Is it possible for 360 owners to do the same thing with the US XBL store?

    • I doubt they would do it (if not for a long time), and if they would I am pretty sure there is a way to block it from Australian IP’s. It’s similar to how you can create an X-Box 360 US Account but still cannot download the ESPN program on it here.

  • So let me get this straight. Even though were adults, were banned from playing an adult game and fined if we import? You know what, I really want to move. This isn’t the only reason though of course.


    1. It is legal for you to import games for private use. It is however illegal to sell un-rated/refused classifaction games.

    So it’s perfectly legal for you to import MK9 for personal use!


  • I wish there was a way to directly yell at those politicians, not indirectly… I want a one on one with those twats. Everything takes a million years with those guys and I’m fucking sick of it, this is an absolute breach of my liberties and its pissing me the hell off.

  • 3 things to mention.

    1 – The $110,000 fine is for “commercial distribution”, which is defined as importing over 25 copies

    2 – Customs are now opening packages at random. I ordered a paperback edition of “World of Warcraft: Arthas: Rise of The Lich King” and it was opened. All my previous DVD purchases from the UK & USA were not opened

    3 – If a “watered down” version of Mortal Kombat makes it through the classification board, then you can legally import the USA version. This happened with Silent Hill: Homecoming.

  • Order note – Please rip out the cover and put pokemon/kirby/some harmless PG13 game there kthx. dumb ass customs -_-

  • Wouldn’t it be funny if after all this fuss and bother, the game turned out to be crap?

    The customs officer was hardly going to say “Well it’s not all that important so we probably won’t be checking for the game, so go ahead and import!” they have to give the proper answer on what they are legally supposed to be doing… it doesn’t mean that will actually happen though.

  • I suggest a large scale protest in all major cities, show these facists how the internet (t)rolls. *Ready’s Guy Fawkes mask

  • I might delay my import several weeks I think, shame it isn’t cost effective to fly to NZ, buy it and fly back lol.

    I ordered a cheap game from the same place I ordered MK, will see what external details they show, package size etc. I will then order a game later and time it to arrive in Aus the same time MK will, and see if that is then opened/examined by customs. Then go ahead with my MK purchase.

  • Take this with a grain of salt. I imported Leisure Suit Larry after it was banned and it arrived without issue and absolutely no fine.

    DVD sized parcels never get checked, at least after theyre X rayed to reveal no stowaways.

  • Man i am so sorry for the Aussies! Man they are taking so much precautions 2 make sure that game does not get into that country! Dude i would just log in threw another country that can download it. U gonna have 2 get the flashed version. South Africa doesnt give 2 shits, they are 2 lazy2 do anything anyway. U know what i would do is just put another cover on the CD box 2 fool them. They wouldnt give 2 shits anyway, more work for them. I hope SA doesnt wake up now and do something that would be so shit. Even though it is a Video Game it is the same with Music Bands, mostly metal that are prohibited not playing their music in that country or any album sales. LIFE is just screwed up that way!!!

  • You guys a just a bunch of idiots. You act like you have a right to play any video game you want to. Well guess what: you don’t. If our country decides not to let you do something, then you could always not do it? I’m assuming that thought didn’t even cross most of your thick brains. Putting your own enjoyment above the law isn’t exactly a mark of maturity. Remind me to stay off the road when you guys decide that it should be your right to drive as fast you want.

    • Yes, because driving a car dangerously while putting safety at risk is EXACTLY THE SAME as buying a game to play in the privacy of your own home.

      Basically you want us to all bend over because “the government knows best”? I thought the gov’s job was to represent the best interests of the people and not to have us act as mindless drones. My mistake.

    • What a jockey, seriously, the government on this stance are wrong, they know they’re wrong and the people know they’re wrong by consensus. Stop trying to draw stupid analogies.

    • Comparing speeding to obtaining a naughty video game is like comparing a nuke to a firecracker. But, based on your comparison, is why we need to make a stand on smaller things like Mortal Kombat and the like. Because doing so now will make the government think twice before imposing nationwide curfews on our streets.(hah. and there I go comparing nukes to firecrackers)

    • Haha, what an idiot!

      Even Australia’s Home Affairs Minister has publically stated this ruling was an embarassment and it WILL be changed in July.

      Well done Nicholas Lythall. Everyone on the internet now knows you are an absolute moron.
      Please dont breed.

  • The guy asked Customs. What else were they going to say? “Oh yeah, we’re cool with people importing it, whatever”? No. They’re going to spout the party line.

    Does it mean that they will actually step up inspections? Possibly, but unlikely IMHO. My guess is the odds will be on your side if you do import it.

  • The Australian Classification Board always changes shit and they are butch of jerks.
    So we might have to wait if this R rating system comes to video games if this stupid government does something about it.
    I hope Australian MK fans are still fighting over the new Mortal Kombat game.
    Thank You.

    • Technically, the federal government can’t do diddly squat about media ratings.

      Even if(that’s assuming Jim Wallace isn’t allowed to bully the SCAG into not making a decision), the SCAG decide to change the ratings, they’re looking at rewriting the whole legislation, not just a few rules based on video games. And apparently, this is effectively 2 years worth of paperwork. That’s along wait for this Mortal Kombat game.

      • …And even then, we still don’t know HOW they’re gonna change it. For all we know, a new system might be even more restrictive than the archaic one we have now.

  • When you import they mark it gift anyway so I never bought a bloody game I just gave my friends at ozgameshop $50 and they sent me a present as thanks your honour…

  • I Will get this game imported, and if it gets seized, I’ll refuse to pay any fines, as I don’t think that the banning of this game is fair (also a type of nazism on the governments part) and i will see to it that I be financially compensated by customs for any costs incurred if I do not recieve the game!

  • We need to bombard the atourney general again with emails.
    Why do we put up with this censorship board?

    Lets Ban the Ratings Board.

    They are outdated, inconsistent, have double standards and simply charge a massive amout of money to “review” a game.

    Honestly we should let the industry regulate itself like the USA, ooohhh but that would mean they are out of a job.

  • Import it anyway.

    If you buy it off eBay, ask the seller to label it something different, like “DVD” or “movie.”

    The State deserves to face some more rebellion. The government needs to learn its place.

  • simple take a laptop over, open up the laptop shove in the cd and covering and buy a new case in australia

  • LoL – I got l4d2 from import…will do the same here. I really doubt customs are looking for games to ban as a priority.

  • Well played Australian Classification Board. Instead of allowing the game classification bringing in venenue for local shops to help the economy now people will be pirating the game.

    Australian retailers lose, the game company loses and for what? To protect children from a game targeting a mature audience? I don’t see you banning hardcore porn or gore flicks. Get your head out of your arses and bring in the R18+ system.

  • ive got hope this will cone out in aus i remember reading an article on how gtaIV and fallout 3 were being banned in australia and now i have both LEGALLY in my posession

  • Ha Ha thats funny if you use a regular site for importing games you can just ask them to ship it in with a another games cover page and wrap the package up in cling wrap with a sticker saying SEALED FOR YOUR SAFETY or a PS3 or Xbox 360 sticker hense banning games fails or if you know someone over sea’s or a used or new game of ebay ask them to do it problem solved P.S. you could even go so far a to stick a sticker over the game disc and hense if you do get a fine you can sue customs for pulling a game out and paying the game devauling the game instantly etc.

  • As an adult gamer, I refuse to let the Commonwealth dicate to me and others what I chose to play as a 30+ gamer. Therefore, once I became aware this game as banned in Australia, I decided to import.

    Got the Xbox 360 Tournament Edition for AU$ 150 all up including postage from I am old enough to decide what I wish to play in my own spare time in private, no one else.

    In effect the banning of the game in Australia has forced the hand of gamers to import it, therefore the Australian economy is losing a lot of money and people’s hard earned money is being sent overseas because of this decision.

    I want to thank Customs for allowing my gaming to be complete, and wish to tell the OFLC, I choose what to play, no one else.

  • Mine came through the post luckily.
    Now “Feel the Wrath of Shao-Kahn!”

    It is a full on game. I can see why they banned it…but they needs to stop playing parenting games with us. What are they trying to protect us from? I am 27, party, drink and phuck all night (only cause Sony is down)! But I can’t play a video game? WTF.

  • Mine was sent from NZ on the 29th of April, got a letter today from Aus Customs that they seized it on the 8th of May at ‘International Mail,Melbourne Gateway Facility, VIC’. They state that no further action will be taken but that if I make a claim for the return of goods they are obliged to commence legal proceedings…WANKERS!!

  • I was shitting my paints when I was tracking my purchase from amazon it was being custom checked, but then it arrived in the mail yesterday! fuck yeah!

    • Hey Martin,

      do you know what city is was imported to?

      My order was dispatched on the 20 April … and I still haven’t got it.

  • All we have to do is get the people sending out the games, to slip another disk cover the top of the original disk over, and put it back into the plastic wrap!

  • how did we australians have a r-18+ on films and photographic matirials yet a game can only have a ma-15+ yet the same people review both

  • Well I played it last night on a ps3 in Australia and it’s awesome. I also swear in public and sometimes I don’t wear a seatbelt. I am badass

  • This is all scaremongering bullshit. If you want the new MK, order it from overseas and it will arrive fine.

  • So the classification board is quite happy with the risk of children being exposed to XXX porn, yet a fucking game with ninjas and guys with bladed hats is a no no? wtf? I don’t care, I’m importing this and fuck you If you don’t like it.

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